Help needed with microsoft Word

  fullywired23 18:51 01 Oct 2003

I want to save several screens and paste them into a word document.
I am hitting the "prtscn" button then bringing up "word" and pasting it in ok.I then reduce it in size and move it to one side because I need six small screens on the same document.
I can manage two ok but when I try to paste three, it takes the place of one of the others,so I still only have two.
I am obviously doing something wrong and hope that some kind person can set me straight

Regards viejo

  Alan2 19:07 01 Oct 2003

I think you could create a table of 18 cells which would be able to accommodate the screens with blank separating cells between - if you know what I mean.

Adjusting the cell sizes should give you just what you want and allow captions in the blank cells if needed.

  Alan2 19:08 01 Oct 2003

In the above I should have said a 6 by 3 table.

  Chris the Ancient 19:10 01 Oct 2003

My first thought.

Where is the cursor when you try to paste the third screen? If on of the other images is active, it will be replaced by the new image.


  Alan2 19:43 01 Oct 2003

I've just tied my suggestion and it works a treat.

  JimT 19:53 01 Oct 2003

By default, the images may be 'floating' so they may ovelap and certainly won't sit in the cells. Right click each picture, choose Format Picture, and under the Position tab uncheck the Float Over Text tick box. This will stop any overlapping, and make the pictures sit in the table's cells.

  Chris the Ancient 19:53 01 Oct 2003

Sorry, I can't resist it...

It was knot wrong?

This is, of course from Mr Lysdexic Figners hismelf.


  fullywired23 21:16 01 Oct 2003

Thanks to all who replied to my post .
I have managed to get three to a page ,more by good luck than good management.
My problem is, I am not familiar with the workings of word,except for letter writing.
So I will have to manage with two documents instead of one.It won't look as good but it will do.
You can't learn an old dog new tricks

Regards to all

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