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Help needed with making a website 'executable'?

  buel 10:09 03 Sep 2016

Hi. Please can someone provide me with a little help? I was looking for a way to download images from sites such as that will be quicker than 'right-click, save-as' and i stumbled upon this interesting site: click here am trying my best to follow this but I'm not sure what to do when the instructions state 'At my terminal – at which I’ve downloaded a copy of and made it executable – I need only issue the following command' For the life of me, I don't understand how to make it 'executable'. Please can someone explain this to me?

Thank you all.


  Secret-Squirrel 10:52 03 Sep 2016

Buel, before you ask for more help please have the good grace to let us all know how you got on with your previous problem.

  Bazzaman 11:47 03 Sep 2016

Take a look at Quadsucker. I know you can use it to download a whole site (subject to certain limitations). Maybe you can use it to download certain types of files (e.g. image files such as .JPGs).

It's many years since I last used it, but I found it useful at the time.

  buel 11:50 03 Sep 2016

Apologies SS, I have now done that. Sorry - I completely forgot about that. Thank you octal, much appreciated - I use Windows Vista ang Google Chrome. Please can I trouble you further and ask, because I'm so naive at this, I don't even understand 'navigate to the file in the terminal and run the program'? I really really want to learn how to do this but am so inexperienced.

  buel 13:34 03 Sep 2016

Many apologies for this.....I don't understand what the 'terminal' is in this:

'The easy way is to navigate to the file and right click it and and go to Properties, in the Permissions tab put a tick in the box that says Allow executing this file as a program and then navigate to the file in the terminal'

  buel 15:49 03 Sep 2016

Wow - thank you so very much for that impressive help! Much appreciated!!

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