Help needed to make decision about upgrade

  edennorman 14:24 16 Aug 2005


I have posted a couple of ther threads involving this subject....each time I tried the suggestions made by those kind enough to respond.

So this is an ongoing saga and I need help to make a decision.

I have an old PC with Win 95 installed and want to upgarde the whole thing.

To that end I have new drives, mother board, processor etc.

Despite many attempts.....and please if anyone has any other suggestions regarding this particular problem....dont reply...I have exhausted so many possibilities.

I want to consider this aspect written in stone.....

The old cd rom is dead and Win 95 will not recognise the new cd rom.

So how am I going to go from here? Is their nothing I can do to get the new motherboard fitted and install Win 2000? Or do I have to think about getting a new PC?

Thank you.


  User-312386 14:44 16 Aug 2005

To be honest, by the time you have bought a new operating system, MOBO and CD-Rom you may as well by a new system.

In the past i have bought mine from Nethighstreet click here

You can use the dropdowns to build your own spec, or give them a ring and discuss options.

  DieSse 14:50 16 Aug 2005

Is their nothing I can do to get the new motherboard fitted and install Win 2000?

Of course it should be possible - can you post links to your other threads so that I can at least read about what you've been trying.

There's only a few choices - soldier on and fix whatever problems you have - forget it all and buy a new base unit complete (and sell your other new stuff) - or take it all to a friendly shop/technician and get them to do it for you.

  Stuartli 15:01 16 Aug 2005

These may give you a clue as to where you may be going wrong or not, perhaps, seeing the wood for the trees. See:

click here

click here

click here

click here

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