help needed installing graphics card

  heapy 21:13 07 Feb 2006

i have just bought a club radeon 9250 pci graphics card i installed it following the instructions but when i turned my pc on it did not recognise it like the instructions said it would also my monitor had no signal so i plugged the monitor into its origanal plug and the monitor came on still no sign of card working though and also i couldnt go online so i removed the card and everything is back to normal any ideas much appreciated thanks.

  SANTOS7 21:35 07 Feb 2006

Is it compatible with your mobo
click here
the link will help...

  heapy 21:38 07 Feb 2006

im not to sure how do i find out

  heapy 21:39 07 Feb 2006

i used that before and it couldnt get any information on my graphics card or mobo for some reason

  heapy 21:42 07 Feb 2006

i think my comp has inbuilt graphics i heard somewhere that you have to disable them but it sounds a bit risky

  SANTOS7 21:50 07 Feb 2006

click here
if you indeed have onboard graphics you need to disable them first but it's mot for the faint hearted and you will still need to know if the card you have chosen is compatible...

  heapy 21:57 07 Feb 2006

your right its not for the faint hearted well thanks for your help santos7 i will have to study up on it a bit and see how it goes thanks again mate

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