help needed installing game

  [DELETED] 15:03 25 Aug 2003

athalon 1400,288ram,23gig left from xp pro. i have just tried to load a game,virtual simpsons,it says that it needs 640kb on hard drive,when i try to install it says there is not enough room.can anyone help as my 11 year old is driving me mad,the game was made in the win 95 era so might not work anyway.

  sil_ver 15:26 25 Aug 2003

Have you tried running it in compatability mode?

  [DELETED] 15:27 25 Aug 2003

thanks but how do i do that?

  sil_ver 15:36 25 Aug 2003

Ah! I'm not sure but I think you need to right click on the game icon and click on 'run in compatability mode' or something like that. If you press F1 on your desktop there might be something about it there.

  alan 2273 16:37 25 Aug 2003

To change mode right click the shortcut to you r game, left click properties left click compatability then enter which mode you want left click apply then ok.
I think you will find if it says not enough memory that it will not run as i have had this problem trying to run older software with XP

  [DELETED] 22:31 25 Aug 2003

i have no shortcut as i cant install,this is my problem,son number 1 giving me grief

  sil_ver 22:40 25 Aug 2003

Suppose you could maybe get a copy of Win98 and put it on a separate partition and have a dual boot system.

  [DELETED] 22:50 25 Aug 2003

The method may work for this too.

Go to your CD ROM and browse to the setup file. Right click it and select properties, select compatibility and run in 95 mode. Run setup and it should hopefully install for you.

When installed go to the shortcut, click properties, select find target. Set the target and set it to run in compatibility mode.


  woodchip 23:01 25 Aug 2003

It's looking for DOS memory

  alan 2273 16:45 26 Aug 2003

to create a shortcut click start all programes - right click the game highlight send to - left click desktop ( create shortcut)

  [DELETED] 17:11 26 Aug 2003

I also installed a game, zoombinis as it goes, and this blighter did not like the C drive's NTFS file system that i was attemptint to install on. It installed and runs fine on the FAT 32 partition that is the d drive, if thats any help.

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