help needed to install sata hard drive

  wobblymike 09:16 16 May 2006

I have raised this before but an now trying again

I have purchased one of these

click here

in order to use a sata hard drive that I bought by mistake. I connect it to the primary ide channel on my mobo, and connect up the cables. Boot up the PC nothing not resognised at all. I note that there is on the hard drive another bigger connector which I suspect is a data connector can someone confirm this and if so what cable do I need and where do I connect the end remote from the drive?

  martjc 09:28 16 May 2006

...just take the drive back ad admit you made a mistake?
Those converters are a new invention and probably have some things to be ironed out!

  Tabvla 09:37 16 May 2006

Can you please post the exact Make & Model of the drive. The model number should be the one provided by the manufacturer (e.g. Maxtor 6Y160M0 )

  rmcqua 09:39 16 May 2006

is probably the power connector. This may seem a silly question but are you sure you are providing the HDD with the power it needs?

  ed-0 09:42 16 May 2006

" I note that there is on the hard drive another bigger connector which I suspect is a data connector can someone confirm this "

have you the model number of the drive, as Tabvla mentions or a picture of the bigger connector?

  wobblymike 12:47 16 May 2006

its a seagate 8T380013AS

  ed-0 15:29 16 May 2006

Are these the connections you mean click here.

manual for the ST380013AS click here

  ed-0 18:39 16 May 2006

The power connector should have 15 pins. The data connector should have 7 pins and the factory jumpers should be 4 pins.

It looks as if you plug the adaptor into a spare IDE ribbon connector. Connect the white power connector click here to the floppy style pins click here on the board. The other end to a spare power connector. Then just join the SATA cable at each end. It looks as if it powers the drive via the card. So the 15 pin on a the SATA hard drive is not used?

Just out of interest, have you any other drive connected to that IDE cable?

  wobblymike 20:20 16 May 2006

ed-0 and gents

thanks for responding, ed-0 yes sir it appears that the 15 pin cable is the one i dont have your point above is interesting i have done exactly what you suggest but the drive is not seen i am at a loss can you help further

  ed-0 20:40 16 May 2006

Sorry M8. Unless you have the exact code numbers for the SATA convertor or the manual, I can just guess.

The ebay item just comes with the standard ata to floppy power connector and the SATA cable. If the card does power the hard drive, I don't know which of the 7 pins would do this. As you probably know, a normal set up for a SATA drive would be the 7 pin data and the 15 pin power. So how can the new card utalise any of the 7 pins, for power, if they are usually in use? that was the guess work.

More guess's

You need a 4 pin ATA to 15 pin SATA power connector.? click here

The equipment you have is faulty?

Have you emailed the seller and enquired about the power settings?

  wobblymike 20:51 16 May 2006


thanks again i reckon your suggestion about an ata to sata power cable is well worth exploring so i have ordered one at 1.20 its worth a gamble
i'll post back the outcome

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