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  daba 00:25 09 Nov 2003

If anyone disagrees with research into finding better treatments and possibly cures for Cancer, then I'm sorry to have wasted your time
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Sorry for the title, but now that PCAdvisors has 122,153 members, I bet some of them haven't heard about the United Devices Grid.Org Cancer Research Project, as there are only 177 PCAdvisors members 'signed-up' to it.

Sure, I agree, some members may be in other teams, but a ratio of 1.45% isn't that good.

If any hasn't heard of UD or Grid.Org, basically it's a huge supercomputer network consisting of thousands of PC's, Home PC's, Servers, Mainframes, anybody can contribute, and YOUR PC could be one of them.

An application runs unobtrusively in the background, running a 'task' that is downloaded from UD. when it's finished, and when you are connected to the web, it sends it's results and gets another task.

Believe me when I say this application is unbelievably well-behaved, it only uses a minute mount of CPU power, but uses this minute amount to unlock the huge proportion of unused CPU time on your PC, all those times when you're not pressing a key, or moving the mouse etc., or when you're in bed (you don't HAVE TO leave the PC on 24/7 though, but it is a good cause).

There is a "team" started by a PCAdvisor member, and you can join the PCAdivors team
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I have lost 3 close relatives in the last 4 years to Cancer, and statistics say it will affect 1 in 3 of us at some time in our life.

I hope that the little I do with my PC may be contributary to finding the answers to eradicate this killer. I urge everyone to consider contributing their PCs to the effort, no matter how small a contribution you could make in terms of processing time, it will all help.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

  hugh-265156 01:01 09 Nov 2003


another good cause click here

  [email protected] 01:06 09 Nov 2003

in hope of not sounding nieve but how can this program help find a cure against cancer?

  daba 01:12 09 Nov 2003

loads of good causes - UD Cancer research is mine, thanks for the opportunity to reply for a bump - no offence

  hugh-265156 01:14 09 Nov 2003

my cpu has lots of free cycles going to waste so im signed up.

  daba 01:21 09 Nov 2003

if i understand the technology (i was never any real good at chemistry, only managed an 'A' level), computers are used to calculate the binding properties of specific molecules to others. This apparently is a well-defined chemical/biological technique and explains many of the taken-for-granted processes in nature, especially in the studies in medicine, where specific molecules (i.e. "drugs") are manufactured, with the right 'shape' to bind into diseased molecules to stop them being effective. the use of computational chemistry negates the need to carry out the laboritary tests for the thousands of molecular structures that are discounted by the computational maths, thus making fruitful discoveries more possible.

  daba 01:25 09 Nov 2003

Whoops, a mis-spelling, for 'laboritary' read 'lab.'

  daba 01:41 09 Nov 2003

If anyone is sceptical about this, some more info...

my pc has been running this project for over a year (of CPU time) since Feb 2002.

In that time i have not had a system crash because of it, the software that runs in the background has survived, nay more than survived, tolerated, many PC crashes because of other reasons, cold boots, power cuts, shut-downs, brown-outs, re-builds, you name it, it's happened.

Whats more, it was written by Intel (din, dun, dink, DINK)

can't fault it

  The Lights Are On 06:42 09 Nov 2003

There were problems a couple of years ago with threads on here discussing the issue which is why I eventually stopped using the program. I honestly can't remember what happened so it's maybe time for a re-think about the program, but there were problems. But at the time I made an informed decision to remove it.

  The Lights Are On 06:55 09 Nov 2003

Oh & daba a less patronising introduction would have been more helpful & I am sure we can find our way back to the forum without a 'Click here'. I'm sure there are few people who haven't had their lives touched by Cancer ether personally or otherwise, I certainly have.

However If a member chooses not to install this software it does not in anyway indicate they don't care about a cure for cancer. They may find other ways in their life to contribute into research into this or perhaps a different though equally distressing problem that affect us.

  Bald Eagle 07:42 09 Nov 2003

I "contribute" to the program because 4 years ago my wife was treated successfully for bowel cancer. Her treatment was obviously based on the research up to then so if we can push forward the frontiers of research more will be saved.
I ran 2 machines with 98SE on them and neither liked the program and freezes were a common event. However, the one I'm on now runs XP and has had no problems at all.

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