help needed with the homework :-(

  [DELETED] 21:06 05 Feb 2006

hi, had the grandaughter over to find pictures of london for her homework, she found all the pictures, but the printer then packed up, so i put the MS word doc all onto a floppy disk and gave it to No1 son to take home and print them, he can not open the document so he has emailed the whole lot back here for me to get the images off it and just email them back, but i can not, because when i right click the image, there is no "save as" how can i get them out of the document,,


  [DELETED] 21:10 05 Feb 2006

Is there a 'save target as'?

  [DELETED] 21:12 05 Feb 2006

hi, not as far as i can see...

  [DELETED] 21:20 05 Feb 2006

is there a cut option?

  [DELETED] 21:20 05 Feb 2006

Or better still what options do you have, if any?

  [DELETED] 21:23 05 Feb 2006

hi again, yes there is, just right clicked her first image, clicked "cut" and that one has gone,

this is going from bad to worse ;-)

  [DELETED] 21:24 05 Feb 2006

i have the image back..

  [DELETED] 21:48 05 Feb 2006

If you really don't have the option of saving the image, right click on it, select cut, from here go to start, all programs, accessories, and click on paint. In paint you can click on edit and paste, which will bring the image up. Then you must save it, to somewhere you'll remember, the desktop is a good place.

  [DELETED] 21:52 05 Feb 2006

nice one, thanks very much, just tried one and it worked, so now for all the rest..

thanks again....

  [DELETED] 21:57 05 Feb 2006

Your welcome IKelos, whilst you can save your images separately like this, you should also have the option of 'copy' which would leave the original in place whilst also giving you the option of pasting.

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