help needed on graphics card decision

  majorkira 18:31 16 May 2003

I am looking to purchase a new graphics card.
Which chip should I be look for ie. Geforce4 4800,
Radeon 9500, or geforce FX5600.

  jazzypop 18:54 16 May 2003
  kane_2002k 19:01 16 May 2003

...radeon 9500 pro would be best, don't get the 9600 - it's actually a poorer performer. I think the best nividia card to get in that price range is still the geforce 4200 ti, (the 4800 is not as good as the geforce 4600, called the 4800 because it supports agp 8x). If you can pick up a geforce 4600 cheap thats still a excellent card. Most reviews concluded that the geforce FX5600 was worse then it's competitor's cards namely ATI, and in fact not as good as as it's predessors, however new drivers have just been released for it, so that may help it along somewhat.

I suggest that you look at click here
and click here for tons of reviews and opinions about graphics card, from very respectable sources

any futher questions glad to help

  professor 19:40 16 May 2003

Radeon 9600 pro is THE BEST budget card - sorry kane_2002k you dont know what ur talking about when u say the 9600 is worse than the 9500pro.

here i'll give details on the 9600 and the 9500pro. lets start with the 9600 micron coating 0.13, full hardware support for DX9, the new smartshader 2.1,vertex shaders increased from 1024 to 65280,added support for loops,subroutines and branching, new hyperz III+, new smothvision 2.1 - and all that is just the tip of the iceberg for the 9600 when compared to the 9500pro, even on early tests with BETA drivers the 9600 scored 3079 when compared to the 9500pro score of 2819 in 3Dmark03.

and now the 9500pro 0.15 micron coating, no full DX9 support,only smartshader 2.0 and only smothvison 2.0...i think ive said enough to prove how good the 9600 is over the 9500pro oh and to top it all off the 9600 can support 16x anisotropic filtering and its DVD ability is better than the 9500pro AND the 9600 only costs around £120...nuff said


  professor 19:43 16 May 2003

the 9600pro does of course support AGP 8x and has 128MB DDR memory


  Sketch 20:08 16 May 2003

I just recently bought and installed a Gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro.

If you can afford to wait a little longer. Get this. It's awesome.

*Drools over the psychadelic colours*

Huuh, oh yeah, sorry.....



  kane_2002k 22:06 16 May 2003

it's no good saying that go to any hardware site and you'll see that the common conclusion is that the 9500 pro is better then the 9600 pro, as for 0.13... so was the geforce fx5800 ultra but the 0.15 ATI radeon 9700 pro trashed it completely, the reason it scores lowly in 3Dmark03 is because it doesn't have full direct x 9 support, in any other benchmark 9500 pro will come out on top over 9600 pro, (3dmark03 is a hotly contested issue, as nivida and many reviews feel that it is prone to giving dud results) some benchmarks to prove my point...

unreal 2003
9500 pro 109.1
9600 pro 92.7

9500 pro 47.3
9600 pro 39.2

1024x768/32 bit/60hz
9500 pro 12569.0
9600 pro 11512.0

tom's hardware had this to say - "...Newer is not automatically synonymous with better, as this review shows. From ATi's perspective, the Radeon 9600 PRO is a success, as it is able to beat the FX 5600 Ultra in the majority of the tests. At the same time, it costs less to produce than the older 9500 PRO model. From the consumer's perspective, the newcomer is a step backwards, though, considering the better overall performance of the "old" 9500 PRO..."

beyond3d say - "...ATI set a tall order for themselves with the R300 based 9500 PRO and in nearly all cases the 9600 PRO falls short of ousting that in performance. With half the Shader pipelines removed it was always the case that the 9600 PRO would not perform any better than 9500 PRO in the pure Shader tests, however it was hoped that the slight increase in bandwidth would see the 9600 PRO through in gaming titles. However, in all probability its not the lack in fill and geometry rates that are pushing the 9600 PRO below the 9500 PRO, but the lack of the Hierarchical Z buffer..."

anandtech have to say - "...Given the specifications of the GPU, the Radeon 9600 Pro performed quite in line with what we expected...The Radeon 9500 Pro is still the best performing solution out there in this price range, however the production run was quite limited and you won't be able to find those cards to be too available in the future so grab them while you can. ..."

hardOCP say - "...the only card that will give the Radeon 9600 Pro a run for its money is the card it is set to replace, the Radeon 9500 Pro. Those who can still find the 9500 Pro for sale would do well to pick one up while they can. As we have seen throughout this review, the Radeon 9500 Pro offers the best overall performance in its category. With no real sacrifices in features, performance, or functionality it seems to be the ideal choice at this time..."

sorry professor you really should look futher then just the name of the card, and what the manufactor wants you to know, the 9500 pro was too good for it's class and was taking sales away from the 9700 (not enough performance difference to warrent the difference in some people's minds. It was also much more expensive to make, that was it was replaced... not because ATI had found a better card in the 9600 pro.

  kane_2002k 22:14 16 May 2003

...with any positive reviews, that blantly state that the 9600 pro is better then the 9500 pro (from a respected source) please do, but i think you'll find if you look at any half decent review sites you'll change your opinion pretty quicky, once you actually open your eyes and do any research on the topic.
links to prove i haven't changed whats on these sites...
click here
click here
click here
click here=

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