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Help needed with Graphic card installation

  Giroudd 03:23 10 Dec 2019

Just want to say I don't know much about PCs.

I'm trying to install a new graphic card, when I hook it up to the PCi slot and power up the PC it says no hdmi signal detected on my monitor and my PC makes a single beep.

The graphic card i'm trying to install is a GTX 1650 which doesn't need additional power like a 6 or 8 pin.

My hdmi cable works with the old graphic card too so I don't think that's what's causing it.

I'd appreciate any responses, thanks.

  BRYNIT 07:12 10 Dec 2019

Have you downloaded and installed the up-to-date drivers for this graphics card.

  Giroudd 10:40 10 Dec 2019

no im not able to because my monitor is just a black screen as there's no hdmi signal, I only get a hdmi signal when I put back in my old graphic card

  wee eddie 13:14 10 Dec 2019

So, download the Drivers and install them.

Turn off the PC

Plug the Graphics Card into its slot and connect the Monitor to the Graphics Card.

Reboot your PC

  Giggle n' Bits 18:38 13 Dec 2019

Did you have onboard graphics untill upgrading to the GTX 1650 ? if Yes then you need to turn of the Onboard Graphics in the BIOS. Also what Power Supply have you got 400 watt, 650 watt ?

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