Help needed with form / cgi

  SDJ 13:39 01 Dec 2003

click here
On my contact page of the above website, my hosting company created a cgi script as I had originally used a frontpage addin which didnt work.

I dont really understand how this works but seeing as it does im not complaining (will learn it some day when I have the time) what I am after is setting it so that every one of the four boxes must have something in them in order for it to be submitted.

I hope this makes sense.

Cheers for any suggestions.

  Taran 14:12 01 Dec 2003

Who is your web host ?

This kind of error checking should really be built into any reasonable CGI script.

If it isn't, you can find plenty of email scripts out there to use that do offer required field confirmation.

I'd imagine that it's probably down to you not specifying that the fields are required to begin with.

First port of call should be your web host and either ring or email them to ask whether they have a preconfigured or recommeneded email CGI that allows required fields to be specified.



  SDJ 14:46 01 Dec 2003

I will get in touch with my host.


  The GnoMe 22:33 02 Dec 2003

if you do a search in google for bnbform.cgi

it will give you a load of sites to download it from
i used this in my latest sites contact page
click here

it works great

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