Help needed to find a licence number for software

  Sparkly 22:00 18 Jul 2008

Can someone help with this please a friend who has his own company has a management suite software on his office pc,this week he invested in a couple of new ones, he installed the management suite on one of the new pc's but it keeps asking for the licence number but he cannot remember or find the licence number he origially had all his documents are saved/backed up but cannot use the software, is there any way it can be retrieved off of the old pc? would there be a record of it in the registry if so where should we look?
Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 22:04 18 Jul 2008

I am not sure what you are asking, but it sounds as if your friend is attempting to install one office suite on more than one pc - this is usually illegal, depending on which office suite it is.

  skidzy 22:05 18 Jul 2008

Run Belarc and scroll through the results to Software licence' maybe here

  Technotiger 22:15 18 Jul 2008
  Sparkly 23:07 18 Jul 2008

Hi Technotiger yes we understand what you are saying the software in question is a management suite expences etc he wants it off the old pc and has installed it on the new pc i.e transfer the software and data to the new pc and delete it of the old one nothing unto ward going on.The software is called 24/7 management suite.

  woodchip 23:12 18 Jul 2008

If he deleted it of the Old Computer the key may have gone with it

  Sparkly 06:31 19 Jul 2008

Morning skidzy sorry i meant to answer you last night, after i replied to Technotiger i shut down for the night thanks for the link we will give it a try this morning.

  Sparkly 06:47 19 Jul 2008

Hi woodchip the software is on the old computer still i told him to leave everything in a working state untill he knew the software was installed and up and running as they were on the old computer, he did not realise these problems would arise,the software and all the data he has backed up is all the daily information (i.e pocket money,food expenses,medication) that the staff input for the care and needs of the residents of the house, as i explained to Technotiger thought it would be a matter of a simple transfer of everything software,data to the new pc and carry on as before but he cannot find the licence code to re activate the programe thats why i asked if it could be found in the registry somewhere.

  Technotiger 07:46 19 Jul 2008

Hi, Sparkly, thanks for explaining - I have a very suspicious mind !!

skidzy's suggestion should certainly find the licence number for you. Belarc Adviser is a very simple program to run and it will tell you all the licence keys on your computer.

  Sparkly 08:20 19 Jul 2008

"I have a very suspicious mind !!"
Hi Technotiger no damage done unfortunatly a sign of the times just hope he can get the licence code back for the sake of his business. Thanks again.

  Taff™ 08:27 19 Jul 2008

If you can run the software on the old machine try looking in the Help Menu>About - the licence number is probably there. Otherwise Belarc or SIW click here usually finds the information.

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