Help needed with Dreamweaver

  erkmatrix 15:25 20 Jan 2006

Decided to give Dreamweaver another whirl to see if I can fathom it all out as I've heard it creates cleaner html for better viewed by the search engines.

Was getting into it from a tutorial I read on however when come to designing my site noticed some things weren't there like in Frontpage, (my usual web designer)

1 when I draw a table 770 pixels which is the common browser size I read somewhere when I preview the site it doesn't show in the middle of my browser like it does with frontpage, its more to the left hand side. My screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768. I have looked at Dreamweaver and found on the bottom right just above my properties menu and where my tag is there a 803 x 334 and 1k/1s and if you click it it comes up with all the browser sizes but for some reason they are blanked out and won't let me select them to change to 955 x 600 (1024 x 768). Does anyone know how to change it

2 the thickness of a table it two lined and I want one but even with cell space and cell padding set to nothing still shows as two lined table.

3 The colour of a table also, in frontpage would give me the option to change its colour?

4 Also the text highlight, in front page you can set a text colour and a text highlight which the background of the text will come up in the desired colour, on Dreamweaver I only see text colour.

5 Last also with table again in frontpage you can put the vertical allighnment of a cell to top to have the text put in the top left of the table, in Dreamweaver I can only get in the alighment of the table and don't see how to get my text to the top left and not centre left.

Can anyone who knows Dreameaver help me out.

Thanks so much

  Taran 17:32 20 Jan 2006

1. Click on the table to highlight it.

Go to the properties panel along the bottom of the Dreamweaver window.

Where it says Align, choose center from the list of available options. That will centre your table.

2. Try cell padding and spacing set to 1 and also the border set to 1 and see what happens.

3. Back to the properties panel again, where it says Bg color, Bg Image or Brdr color you can set the Background colour, Background image (be careful with that one) and the Border colour respectively.

4. By text colours on highlight I am assuming you mean that when you hover the cursor over the text it should change colour.

This can be applied to hyperlinks easily or to other text with a bit of fiddling. For hyperlinks, click on Modify (very top menu bar) and select Page Properties.

In there you can set text colours to use when the cursor hovers over a hyperlink.

5. Click in the table cell you want to adjust. Go back to the properties panel at the bottom of the program window. Change Horz and Vert to any alignment you want, which affects all elements in that cell. Each cell may be aligned differently to its neighbours.

The Window Sizes options catches everyone out sooner or later.

They remain greyed out and unavailable as long as the document you are working on is maximised. Click on the Restore Down option then drag the right, top and bottom of the document to a visible size within the main program window.

You can now use the Window Size options to view your page.

Go to Google and run some searches like this, depending on your version:

"dreamweaver mx"+tutorial

"dreamweaver mx 2004"+tutorial

"dreamweaver 8"+tutorial

Actually, you will only need either of that last two since some of the optins you discuss aren't available or are in different places in Dreamweaver MX (version 6).

Good luck with it.

  Taran 17:33 20 Jan 2006

Get used to the Properties panel. That's where the business gets done for the majority of your Dreamweaver work, and each element of a page you click on (tables, cells, images, segments of text etc) can all be altered by using the Properties panel.


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