Help needed with a download speed problem

  wobblymike 08:20 18 Feb 2007

I have been having download speed problems for some 6 months now my set up is
ISP _ Plusnet up to 8MB max dsl
Modem BT Voyager 205 connected by ethernet cable.

My normal download speeds vary between 1.2 and 2 MB/sec. I thought that was ok even though my package is 8MB and my exchange rated at 4.5MB. I had lots of dealings with plusnet last year and they basically told me that my speeds were ok and to shut up (politely but thats what it meant). Last week my immediate neighbour switched from dial up to Orange broadband up to 8MB max dsl. I helped her install her system she has a D Link 604T wireless modem connected by ethernet. Our PCs are virtually identical (I built hers for her). Immediately she starts getting download speeds of 5MB/sec consistently and on some ocassions over 6MB. I borrowed her modem and connected it up to my system to get my normal 1MB. I have faulted my system again to Plusnet who tell me there is no fault. Any thoughts welcome as to what I can do next.

  STREETWORK 19:55 18 Feb 2007

You could,

1. Very carefully clean out and check wires in the phone socket.


2. Ask BT to check your line for any faults...

  Ashrich 22:32 18 Feb 2007

When you do a speed test what rating do you get in kb/sec download , click here and on the top right click on Broadband Speed Test , the reason I ask this is that a 1mb/sec connection should download at 120kb/sec , 2mb/s at 240 etc. 6mb/sec download speed is like a rocket ....


  Dipso 00:19 22 Feb 2007

Try the BT Broadband Performance Tester. click here preferably at an unsociable hour. Post the results back. It's possible that your connection is (incorrectly) capped but it could be an ISP capacity problem.

  BigMoFoT 12:44 22 Feb 2007

Your download speeds are suggestive of a 2MB package. The BT speedtester will tell you the best connection for your line which your ISP should put you on..

When you establish your connection what is the speed you connect at?

  n4165si 13:41 22 Feb 2007


i would like to know ,what exchange you are on to get those sort of download speeds from Orange. i am with Freeserve /Wanado/Orange ,when i had the 2mbps service ,i averaged downloads of 1.58 mbps. since they have upgraded me to the up to 8mbps service,i average 1.58mbps to 2.96mbps, their excuse is they have problem with LLU on the exchange and their engineers are working on it. the times i have heard that.At the moment i am hard wired,but will be wireless soon.

  esbe 14:47 22 Feb 2007

May be of help to you -

click here

Log in, then go to >

Discussion Forums > Community Support, & 2 threads 'what has happened to Broadband Plus at peak times'

It appears that Plusnet are deliberately slowing down speeds for various reasons.
A lot of very unhappy customers!


  wobblymike 21:22 22 Feb 2007

Thank you all for your guidance - esbe it looks like you have it - time I voted with my feet.

  esbe 23:21 22 Feb 2007

Yep, I'm fed up with Plusnet's speeds at the moment, sometimes it's as low as 128 kbps ( some customers are only getting 80kbps) that's hardly BB is it - especially as I'm paying for up to an 8gb service, and my BT exchange less than half a mile away says my line should deliver up to 6.5gb.
I'll give them 1 more month, as they reckon in March there might be an improvement.

more info
click here


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