Help Needed to download Everything

  Clive of India 17:59 04 Dec 2016

Hi Fellas or Girls

Can anyone out there advise me please, I’ve been having issues with trying to do a search on my computer which has Windows 10 installed on it by using Ask me anything.

It will search for Word Documents etc. well anything except my photos which are uploaded from my camera in a JPG format, Fruit Bat has kindly suggested I use a program called Everything.

Ok I’m really not into computers and in the past when I’ve downloaded a program from the internet I’ve also manage to download things like Conduit which are a real pain to get rid of, not that I would be able to remove it, so it costs to get it put right.

Because I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time when it comes to downloading can anyone tell me how to go about downloading Everything.

I’ll do my best to explain what I’ve done so far:

I’ve downloaded the exe. file and got as far as the window saying; Everything Setup.
Select Install Options: Choose any additional install option:
Settings and Data Location: The radio button which has a dot in the middle of it by default is %APDATA%\Everthing. The radio button with no dot in it says Installation Folder.

Below that is NTFS Indexing with a radio button with a dot in the middle of it by default saying Install Everything Service, below that there is box called Service Port: which has a number in it by default, below the box there are a further two radio buttons with no dots in them, one says Run as Administrator and the other says No NTFS Indexing, after that there is a Next button obliviously to go onto the next part of setting up.

My computer has a partitioned hard drive C and D, all the program files are on C and all my work on D, sorry it may all seem elementary and long winded, but if anyone can make sense of the above can they tell me which radio buttons I should activate or should I leave them on the default settings??

Thanks for your help


  Clive of India 21:04 05 Dec 2016

Hi rdave13

Thanks for the link, I've downloaded Search Everything and its working fine, but at the end of the day Microsoft are a real pain, they just keep messing with things which are working fine and of course with Windows 10 the computer owner has no control on their so called updates.

Thanks again


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