Help Needed in Choosing a Basic Keyboard

  Miss.Peppermint 08:25 25 Aug 2018

I am trying to find a reasonably priced full size ordinary white keyboard, either online or in the High Street. When I say 'ordinary', I mean not a gaming keyboard nor an ergonomic one. I have age-related macular degeneration, so I need it to have laser engraved black characters, and there must be no flashing lights under the keyboard.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:25 25 Aug 2018

....full size ordinary white keyboard.........

I'm assuming that you're looking for a keyboard with a UK layout so here's one that also has extra-large keys.

  hastelloy 09:48 25 Aug 2018

You could try the RNIB

  Miss.Peppermint 14:53 25 Aug 2018

Secret-Squirrel Thank you for the link you sent me. The keyboard in question only has 87 keys (not counting the spacebar) and I need a full sized one with 103 keys. I am looking for one with a UK layout, but not with extra large keys. As long as the keys are white and the characters are black and laser engraved, and I am using bright lighting, I will be able to see it fine. Thank you for going to the trouble of trying to find one for me.

  Miss.Peppermint 15:02 25 Aug 2018

hastlloy Thank you for the link for the RNIB. The keyboard only has 76 keys, and I need a full sized one with 103 keys. The keys need to be white and the characters black otherwise I cannot make them out. But thank you very much for your suggestion - I am very grateful.

  Miss.Peppermint 16:52 25 Aug 2018

I have at last managed to find a suitable keyboard on Amazon. It is a Silver Seal Keyboard White - THE Antimicrobial Washable Keyboard. Many thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

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