Help needed Booting Win 95 PC with external cdrom

  Eurbiz 13:30 25 Jan 2005

Got an elderly HP Vectra VE running Win 95 with an external cdrom connected to the parallel port.

My problem is that it will not boot and states that "no valid CDROM device drivers selected"

This is after I downloaded a win95 bootdisk from - the original bootdisk for this machine having been lost ages ago.

I would like to reformat the c drive and reload win 95 (then upgrade to win98se) I have the Microsolutions Backpack model 166550 CDROM driver disk. This disk contains 2 files - PNP305a.exe and scanundo.dat.

I have a rudimentary knowledge of DOS commands but not sure how to proceed in order to get this beast breathing again - could anyone help pse?

Thanks - Patrick

  jack 13:46 25 Jan 2005

I am sure the hardwear wizards will tell you how once they have come across your string.
But I have a feeling that booting from an external device is bit of a catch 22.
The machine has to be 'active' [ie booted] before it is aware that external devices are there.
So if it does not know something is out side telling it to wake up - it won't.

  pk470 23:15 25 Jan 2005

Man this is an old computer remember when you format you will loose all drivers you can still get these IE video bios ect from the HP website.
I wouldn't bother with W95 it is long defunked but you could try Ebay for the disk and floppy if you prefer,put a W98 floppy in on boot choose without CDRom support on the A:\ PROMPT type in
A:\format c:
The drive letter being what ever on this computer
You will require the full W98 version.
As for your CDRom did you have a driver for it??
as you will be unable to install W98 without it.
If you can get this to boot as you have only on PCI slot it's a must toget a USB card.

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