Help needed with BB connection & Guest account

  Skeletor 12:28 17 Oct 2003

Hi all,
I'm running Win XP Home and in the last few weeks have been using Broadband. Eveything has been fine untill I had some friends to stay who wanted to check something on the internet, so for the first time I switched on the "Guest account" option for them to use. Problem is everytime I click on the Alcatel icon (Freeserve BB by the way)a box appears "Application Error, Could not create entry (""+Alcatel Speedtouch Connection+""). I did remember to tap in User name and password! It works fine on all other accounts. Hope someone can help.

  graham√ 12:44 17 Oct 2003

From Help and Support 'Users who log on to the computer using the guest account do not have access to password-protected files, folders, or settings.'

  smegs 12:44 17 Oct 2003

Delete the "Guest account". Then goto Control panel-Internet Options-Set yourself up again.

  Skeletor 17:38 17 Oct 2003

I cant find anywhere in "Help and support" the phrase "Users who log on to the computer using the guest account do not have access to password-protected files, folders, or settings." But I'll keep looking.

In "internet options" I cant find anthing that refers to "Guest accounts". As I said, it all works perfectly with all other accounts. Again I'll keep looking.


  graham√ 17:47 17 Oct 2003

Look under 'Guest Accounts', 'Turn the guest account on or off', Notes.

  Skeletor 18:26 17 Oct 2003


Sorry to be so thick, but surely "guest account" has to be on for my guest to use it. It is only on the "guest account" that I cannot connect to the internet, all other accounts are ok.


  graham√ 12:25 18 Oct 2003

I was pointing towards the phrase, not telling you to turn it off!

In Help, look for 'Guest Account', one of the results should be 'Turn on or off'. Select that and you should see the Note at the bottom. It does on mine, anyway.

I think it is implying that a Guest cannot access the Internet because it needs a password, and Guests can't have passwords.

  Skeletor 13:04 18 Oct 2003

Sorry Graham, but I think that is not correct. I found 'Guest account' info in 'Help'. I think it refers to files and folders that are in password protected accounts and any other protected items. I should definitely be able to access the internet from a 'guest account'. This is what XP Help and support centre says,

"The guest account is intended for use by someone who has no user account on the computer. There is no password for the guest account, so the user can log on quickly to check e-mail or browse the Internet."

Thanks anyway Graham.

Does anybody else know the answer?


  Skeletor 00:53 19 Oct 2003

I'll take that as a 'no' then

  bvw in bristol 00:56 19 Oct 2003

Log on yourself, then try Switch User and choose the Guest Account, see what happens.

  powerless 01:08 19 Oct 2003

Follow this to keep RAS connections after log off click here

Or this will do it for you click here or use TweakUI click here Install, go to Logon, Tick "Keep RAS connections after logoff", click ok.

Now enter your account and connect to the internet.

Now do not "Log off", what you have to do is "Switch User"...So switch user.

Then click the Guest account and you'll now have (Actually XP has kept) internet access.

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