Help needed , All of a sudden I am no longer able to rename scanned Jpeg giles

  julius44 19:57 17 Sep 2013

Hello and good evening to you all. I'm hoping the issue can be rectified ASAP!!! I've had an Epson printer model SX235W, for the last few years, works flawlessly, as it copies, prints and scans, no problem. Normally when i scan docs they, are scanned into the epson pictures folder, and I just rename everything no problem, so its easier for me to locate documents.

But just this evening I needed to scan and email a document, so on scanning the document, I just went to rename as Epson just gives the doc a number for example img183.jpg. Now when I right click the document to rename it and I try to do so, I get the following message: If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it? If I then give it a new name and try to open it, it doesnt open, and asks for a program to open it with. This has NEVER happended before, and when I try to rename any of the other jpeg files, I get the same message!!!

I think I must have messed around with a setting somewhere, not sure, but how can i rectify this please?? Many thanks Jules

  Secret-Squirrel 20:16 17 Sep 2013

You've got two options:

1) When you're renaming a file, leave the .jpg bit at the end. If you remove it, then as you've discovered, Windows will get confused.

2) If the above is likely to be too much faff then go to Control Panel -> Folder Options -> "View" tab -> tick the option that says Hide file extensions for known file types -> click "OK". When you next try to rename a file the file-extension will be always be retained and you shouldn't have the same problem.

  julius44 20:43 17 Sep 2013

Thanks so much secret squirrel, I used the second option and it worked great with no problems what so ever. much appreciated for this. Please how to I now tick the post as resolved please??

  Secret-Squirrel 09:43 18 Sep 2013

Thanks for the feedback Julius.

I've never started a thread so I can't tell you what to click to mark this one as resolved. I'm sure another forum member will advise you on what you need to do.

  wee eddie 10:39 18 Sep 2013

Julius: On the right of each reply there should be a ThumbsUp in an Oval Box and on your thread only, will be a Tick as well.

Click on the Tick, that provides the Solution to your problem and, in the fullness of time, it will turn green. That's it.

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