Help Needed

  Thereferee21 22:02 22 Jan 2010

When i log on to google it is now almost the same size as my laptop screen Why? And it is the same with any page i go to they all look larger than normal.

  ky72 22:04 22 Jan 2010

This is due to your fonts changing!" what u need to do is goto your settings & change the resolution so its "desktop" right click then "personalise" the screen resolution adjust to 1080...hope this helps btw run ur antivirus!!!

  ame 22:06 22 Jan 2010

What do you mean by "the page?" Is it not the zoom level at the bottom right hand corner? Click on down arrow and set to 100%?

  User-312386 23:22 22 Jan 2010

Right click desktop, properties and change the resolution to 1024x768

  Sea Urchin 23:28 22 Jan 2010

Are you talking about the size of the window? If so just place your cursor on the edge of the window - hold the left mouse button and reduce the size of the window. You can do this on any edge of the window.

  Sea Urchin 23:29 22 Jan 2010

Would you like to share how you resolved this issue?

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