Help needed

  NotsoNewuser 18:14 18 Dec 2004

Hopefully someone can help.
I built a new system, AMD64 3200+ Asus K8V SEDL, 2 IDE drives and 2 SATA drives.
Loaded XP Pro and everything went fine until
loading the Asus SATA drivers (or so it seemed) then Start button started flickering and so did the recycle bin. Press start and the pop-up just flashes on and then goes. Right click on start and get explore and any folder clicked on flickers as do the contents of the address line.
When a window pops up the buttons flicker and do not respond but the top right X does.
Although the mobo driver disc screen is displayed from the CD none of the items activate.
I cleared CMOS and also reloaded XP, but no use.
I also tried to reformat the drive using a win98 disc but it would not do it.
Any suggestions please.

  alan227 18:19 18 Dec 2004

Did you press the F6 button at the start of the OS loading.
You need the SATS drivers loaded part of the way through loading the OS not after it has finished.

  NotsoNewuser 19:45 18 Dec 2004

First time round I did it at the end but 2nd time on the F6 prompt, but did not make any difference.
I did notice at bootup just now that it said "overclocking unsuccessful", but as I haven't done that it is a bit of a mystery, so I pressed F2 to load defaults, but to no avail.

  NotsoNewuser 20:01 18 Dec 2004

When I click on an icon I get continuous beeps whilst I have the mouse button depressed.
Any clues?

  howard60 21:34 18 Dec 2004

I think the time has come to go back to basics. Disconnect everything except the boot drive this means remove the cables from the drives and the motherboard. If it now boots ok you can shut down and reconnect 1 device. If it all works ok add something else until you get problems again and the last item fitted is your problem. I include the floppy as something to disconnect if you have put one in.

  NotsoNewuser 22:07 18 Dec 2004

I have tried disconnecting the SATA drives without success, so perhaps I'll try disconnecting the secondary IDE and floppy as well. Tomorrow.

  SANTOS7 22:34 18 Dec 2004

Loading Windows XP on a SATA drive

Just in case anyone else has this problem and doesn't want to spend an hour figuring it out...

If you are loading Windows XP onto a computer with a serial ATA (SATA) hard drive, you will have to manually load the SATA drivers.

you need to put the drivers on a floppy disk.

Copy the drivers from motherboard support CD *\DriverDisk\SATA\*.* into root directory of floppy disk. (i.e. root directory of floppy disk should contain \pide and \sata folders, txtsetup.oem, etc. files.)

Then, boot system by Windows XP installation CD, when the message "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver" shows up, press "F6". Then, press "S" to specify additional device when next screen pops up. Put the driver floppy disk you made in and press enter to continue. If the floppy disk is made successfully, the installation program will ask for selecting driver. Please then select "VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller(Windows XP)".) After SATA driver loaded and Windows XP can recognize the SATA HDD, you can continue to install Windows XP as usual.

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