help needed

  BWFCHORWICH 12:27 02 Feb 2004

i have uploaded my website (designed in front page) to my webspace. is there a way of directing users to a certain page?

ie www.m y

at the moment every page is named www.m y (example)

thanks for your help

  tomleady 13:10 02 Feb 2004

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="4;URL=examplepage.htm">

put that in your head tags.

the 4 means that afetr 4 seconds the page "examplepage.htm" will load. you can change that to '0' and it will just skip straight there (i think)

anyway, try that.


  tomleady 13:11 02 Feb 2004

you need to put that into the page that first loads up when the user types in your URL. its usually called -index, or default


  BWFCHORWICH 14:59 02 Feb 2004

what i am trying to do is enter my website at a certain page ie

www. m y

rather than www.m y and then go through the menu's to find the message board page.

do you catch my drift??

  PurplePenny 19:26 02 Feb 2004

Post a link to your site so that we can see what you mean.


  Forum Editor 07:02 03 Feb 2004

how to rename your pages so that you can provide people with a unique url that will take them straight to one of your pages, instead of them having to go to the homepage and then navigate.

What you must do is retitle the pages, and in FrontPage you can do this when you save them.

1. Open the page in FP

2. File/save as

3. In the dialogue box that opens you'll see the page file name, which you can change (to say, messageboard) and above that a button marked 'Change title'.

4. Click that button , and enter a descriptive word or words (keep it very short) such as 'the messageboard'. That's what will appear in the address bar of a visitor's browser, and that (plus the http etc.) is what you give your visitors as a url to direct them to the page.

Try it.

  BWFCHORWICH 08:18 03 Feb 2004

cheers chaps

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