HELP! need some upgrade advice

  goose1984 20:14 29 Nov 2003

Hi ya its nearly xmas time so i am getting my parents to give me money so i can upgrade my PC. There is 3 main things i want to upgrade:

*Memory - SDRAM PC133 min 256mb
*Graphics Card - Min 128mb but 256mb would be nice
*Hard Drive - Min 120GB

I have look on various sites and this is would i have came up with:

*Memory - Generic SDRAM PC133 256mb @ £36
*Graphics Card - PowerColor Radeion 9200 256mb DDr @ £68.78
*Hard Drive - Maxtor DimaondMax Plus 120gb 7200RPM with 8mb cache @ £71

Any reviews or advice on the products or the prices of them would be greatly appreciated. Or other products that i should get instead. BTW I have around £170 give or take to play with.



  madPentium 20:20 29 Nov 2003

generic ram?
I would go for a good make as there are many problems you can encounter with cheap memory.

Kingston are good and so are critical.

Also, from benchmark tests that I have read, there isnt much difference in performance at all between 128 and 256mb video cards.

  Simon_P 20:21 29 Nov 2003

It is unlickly you will need 256 DDR

You would be better off going for a better chip with 128 DDR

Just have a google around at reviews, all you need to know will be there.

"Toms Hardware guide" would be a good place to start.

  DieSse 20:43 29 Nov 2003

More RAM is always good - get 1st grade - crucial is a good place to go. Cheap RAM will give you continula hassle.

Graphics card RAM over 128Mb is utterly pointless. A faster card is a better way to spend the dosh.

You can never have too much hard disk space. But give some thought to getting smaller drives and/or caddies for them, to give yourself better backup facilities.

  gudgulf 20:45 29 Nov 2003

Upping the ram is a good idea but that price seems a bit high!

Try click here and click here

As for graphics i agree with Simon7063---you do not need 256mb. Instesd try to stretch the
budget a little a aim for a Radeon 9600 which will cope far better with up to date games.

  clayton 21:11 29 Nov 2003

How about a new motherboard & processor with ddr memory ????

  byfordr 14:02 30 Nov 2003

Got a Maxtor 200gb hd, no problems with it, good support from website.

Try the following for prices

click here click here click here click here

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