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Help!!! Need to convert Image File to MP3 format

  julius44 20:50 09 Sep 2009

Hello all, I need some very urgent help here, I have a freeware trial of a DJ mixing software for about 30days.....and ive been using it with no problems, as i usulally use it to mix some of my mp3 songs in itunes, and then i import the files as it saves as an MP3 format automatically. Usually i do mix cds for about 1 hr 15mins....just that it can fit on a cd any i can burn and listen to it anywhere. But today i decided to do a compilation mix cd for 4 hours and 10 mins......I DO realise that this is long and i would be unable to buen it to a cd...BUT all i wanted to do is listen and save it to my itunes library.......but it seems that it has automatically saved it as an Image file!!!! And nero express essentials opens it, but what i need to do is just save or convert this image file to an MP3 file just to listen to, BECAUSE if i'm unable to convert this file.......that means ive just wasted 4 hours of my evening for NOTHING!!!!! so i desperately need help with i need to convert this image file to an mp3 format, pls!!!!

  julius44 21:45 09 Sep 2009

Hello Jak_1, thanks for the links, much appreciated, but theres quite a few diffrent links to download from....if u can just tell me which link I need to click onto, that would be much appreciated, thanks

  mammak 22:26 09 Sep 2009

AS Jak_1 has already asked what type of image file is it?

Is it software like this? click here

If so have a look here

click here

There are various free burning tools available, if in fact it is an ISO image? for you to burn to CD/DVD Then you could playback in itunes.

Here are a couple to get you started.

click here

click here

  julius44 22:35 09 Sep 2009

okay the file is saved to my does have a Cd logo...then when i right click and go to properties....

Type of File: Image File
Opens with: Nero Express Essentials
Size: 81 Bytes
Size on Disk: (4.00Kb) 4,096bytes

created: 09/09/2009 15:36:29

modified: 09/09/2009 15:36:46
Accessed: 09/09/2009 22:21:37

I dont know what to do next!!!

  julius44 22:41 09 Sep 2009

Yes mammamk...its a trial version of virtual dj. normally it automatically saves it to my desktop as an mp3 files, and then i just click the file on my desktop and it imports this straight to itunes.....but all these cds were def less then 80mins. this one was 4 hours 10mins....but should that make any diffrence??

  mammak 23:07 09 Sep 2009

The file extension would indicate which file type it is.

In XP go to My Computer - windows explorer choose Tools/Folder Options In the view tab remove the check mark Hide extensions for known file types.

For Vista

1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Select Classic View
4. Double-click Folder Options
5. Click the View Tab
6. Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types
7. Click Apply button (at the bottom of the window)
8. Click Apply to Folders button (at the top of the window)
9. Click OK.

I'm going offline now, hopefully someone might be along soon to help you with this. I'll look back tomorrow, and see how your doing with this.

  julius44 23:17 09 Sep 2009

hi mammak, i just realised that its a .bin file...i'm uaing windows xp.....and it says windows cannot open the file sept 09 naija mix cd.bin

  Quiet Life 12:02 10 Sep 2009

"Type of File: Image File
Opens with: Nero Express Essentials
Size: 81 Bytes
Size on Disk: (4.00Kb) 4,096bytes"

If this is the file then, unless I have missed something, you are wasting your time as it is only 81bytes, The 4kb is the cluster size of your harddrive.

  julius44 19:15 10 Sep 2009

thanks!!!! I fiannly downloaded and iso burner, i've got it sorted now, thanks for all the help!!!

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