Help, need advice on wirless networking

  computernerdiamnot 17:13 26 Apr 2004

I have tried to go wirless now for the second time and i get even more confused than i was already. My problem is this, i have a laptop with the G rated wifi card i am on virgin broadband connected with a usb speedtouch modem i was told today in PCWorld that i would have to contact my isp to found out the equipment i have to buy ??????? i know i need to buy a router with a ADSL modem so what is the problem. So i phoned virgin who said it does not matter but they can only me tech advice for the speedtouch if i ever have a problem with my broadband, ok i can live with that. My other dilema is that i want to be able to use my printer wirless as well so of i went to PCWorld and explained my situation again only to be told i have to use certain printers for this ??????? I have a canon i350 so i left the store to post this thread and at least i know i will get proper answers.

  Quiller. 17:35 26 Apr 2004

I don't think you need a router with a modem, as you already have one. You should be able to take the "signal" from the modem and route it through the router. ( excellent grammer eh.)

I think that you should contact belkin on freephone 00800 22355460 ( tech support ) and pick the pre-buy option. You could say you were thinking of buying a belkin wireless router click here
and ask there advise. Give them details of your full setup and what you hope to achive.

In my opinion they are good. If you do eventually decide to buy and run into difficulties, then the belkin free phone tech support will talk you through the setting up.

They are really good.

  pmjd 17:53 26 Apr 2004

I think you will need to ditch the USB modem as I'm pretty sure that you cannot plug a USB connection into a wireless router but do correct me if I'm wrong on that point.

Besides buying an all in one isn't much more than a wireless router on it's own. I've used the Netgear DG824M for almost a year now and found it to be very reliable and easy to use but go for the new DG834G as it supports the wireless G standard. It has the built in adsl modem and a firewall too, wuite handy these days.

I think your request for wireless printing could be a little trickier/expensive but I'll have a look around and see what info I can find.


  pmjd 18:04 26 Apr 2004

Here is one option for wireless printing
click here
thought it costs more than your printer!

Problem is that is the cheapest USB one I could find all the rest that were cheaper were parallel connection only.

Another option would be to get a router with a printer port or a cheaper print server that could use a network port on the router as long as you didn't mind the printer being cabled to the router.

  computernerdiamnot 19:00 26 Apr 2004

Cheers waiting for B.B I know belkin;s products and i must say they are good will look into that one. Cheers pmjd that is one of the problems i have come across and i think i will ditch the usb modem and really appreciate you looking for a printer, nice one. Bet you it will be just my luck that i will get sorted go in the garden to do some work and the old Englih weather turns.........

  Quiller. 19:37 26 Apr 2004

Ah. You have a " usb speedtouch modem " I did read it but it didn't implant in my brain. lol

pmjd has some good advise there.

  wulliec 19:53 26 Apr 2004

Belkin wireless router does not support usb for adsl modems, it has to be a rj45 cable connection

I currently have a wireless and broadband and well i think its the best thing since sliced bread

  computernerdiamnot 23:30 26 Apr 2004

Does anyone think this will serve my needs, i will have to await the pricing on this one but i have reqested a email when availible click here

  computernerdiamnot 09:06 27 Apr 2004


  computernerdiamnot 09:36 27 Apr 2004

Just like to thank you all, i phoned Belkin this morning and i must say within 2 minutes every thing was sorted. I was recommended to use the router FSD7630.UK.4A and they are doing a printer server coming out on the 10th may model F1UP0001UK and all together will cost me about £130 and the piece of mind that they come with lifetime warranty and have freephone support.

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