Help with NEC1510V monitor

  SJ1234 20:52 07 Dec 2005

I recently bought an NEC1510V monitor from eBay. Using the standard Windows drivers, the maximum resolution is 800x600, but the screen appeaers to be out of focus and the bottom half of the screen appears darker than the rest. Would a different driver sort out the resolution? Is there anything that can be done about the darkness of the screen, or is this just because it's a rubbish monitor? I've adjusted the brightness and contrast and this doesn't help.
Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?

  woodchip 20:55 07 Dec 2005

Driver will make no difference, I think you will have to live with this one. There is a saying, You get what you pay for.

  DieSse 23:03 07 Dec 2005

If you didn't get a manual - here's one click here

This 15" LCD would normally be set to 1024x768 resolution at 60Hz refresh

If you can't get this, change the monitor type in windows to something different. Try Acer15D - this should allow you to get to 1024x768.

There are many screen adjustments - and a factory default - see the manual. See how it looks after all this. If the brightness varies over the screen - then it's probably a fault - maybe a backlight problem?

Could we ask how much you paid (you don't have to say if you don't want) - then a judgement on value could be made if you would like one.

  DieSse 23:05 07 Dec 2005

Ah sorry - i should have asked - is this manula really for your device, or does it just share the same number?

  DieSse 23:12 07 Dec 2005

My apologies - the correct NEC manual here (a PDF download) click here

I also see they recommend 1024x768 at 75Hz for optimum quality display.

The rest of my comments still apply though.

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