Help! Mystery files are choking my C drive

  Peter B 15:28 08 Nov 2003

I have a 120 GB hard drive formatted in NTFS (under WinXP) and partitioned into C (21GB), D (64GB) and E (35GB). According to "Properties", 16.5GB of the C drive is used, leaving only 4.5GB free.

However, expanding C's contents and setting View to Details rveals that I have only 4.5 GB of data on the drive. This feels about right because most of my applications, games and data are on the D & E drives. I have disabled the Restore function on all drives because I use GoBack 3, but GoBack's data recovery file is stored on my D drive, so that couldn't account for any of the mysterious 12GBs of extra data that's sitting on C.

Using DiskData, which examines your drive and lists the contents by size,shows that the biggest item is Windows (2.2GB) followed by Program Files (0.9GB) and Docs&Settings (0.5). The rest are much smaller. The total, as I said, is only 4.5 GB

How can I identify and eliminate the huge clump of mystery "data"? (I have already set Windows to show hidden files and folders and I am fully virus-checked.

  woodchip 15:35 08 Nov 2003

These may have been created if you have been burning audio CD's

  woodchip 15:36 08 Nov 2003

Have a look in media player folder

  MichelleC 15:43 08 Nov 2003

Sometimes an os won't show true space (if lots of deletions of large files) until defragged.

  Peter B 17:22 08 Nov 2003

Thanks woodchip. Yes, I have been burning audio and data CDs but I can't see anything untoward in the Windows media player folder. And in any case, if this folder were grossly inflated, wouldn't it show when the Dteatils are dispalayed in MS Explorer?

Thanks MichelleC: I had already defragged the C drive and that didn't eliminate the huge "extra" files. The mystery is: why don't they show up in MS Explorer (and in the DiskData program)?

  woodchip 19:03 08 Nov 2003

Go to find files and go to advanced you can look for files over a certain size

  woodchip 19:04 08 Nov 2003

PS or look in the find files for *.Bak or *.TMP

  Peter B 16:02 09 Nov 2003

Thanks again, woodchip. Searching using those wild-cards revealed nothing new, I'm afraid.

  woodchip 16:51 09 Nov 2003

Look for files over the 3Mb size in Find Files

  Peter B 17:14 09 Nov 2003

I'd already searched for large files but there was nothing of any significance, I'm afraid.

  woodchip 17:21 09 Nov 2003

Try a Date just after you noticed the change to show all files You will be looking for files that may have been created all about the same time

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