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Help with my Toshiba laptop please

  alB 19:49 09 Jun 2012

Today I was using my Toshiba Equium A300D-16C laptop, there was a pop/crack noise that seemed to come from inside, near to the left hand side of the touch pad, the laptop immediately closed down, it didn't feel too hot but I left it for an hour to cool, unfortunately it now won't boot up, would there be any kind of thermal fuse on the M/B that might have blown or does it sound like something more serious. I looked at taking the bottom off but there's that many screws I don't want to do more damage by trying to take it apart. Any ideas gratefully received ...alB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 09 Jun 2012

sounds terminal

any signs of life at all?

remove battery and mains lead, hold power switch down for 30 seconds, retry with battery out and mains only.

  alB 21:57 09 Jun 2012

rdave13/FruitBat, thanks for your replies, I'm afraid it's as dead as the proverbial, no noise/lights of any sign, tried the battery out option but just the same, while it was working the battery was at full charge with the mains unit plugged in, I've tried both on the wifes lappy and they're both OK ...alB

  onthelimit1 09:17 10 Jun 2012

Sounds like a classic case of a fried mobo.

  alB 17:13 10 Jun 2012

onthelimit1..sadly I'm inclined to agree with you, found a local laptop repair guy near where I live, will be ringing him tomorrow to see what he thinks before I decide on the next step, fortunately everything of importance was backed up, be a shame if it's unrepairable, it's been an excellent lappy (up 'til now!!) Will keep you posted, ...alB

  robin_x 17:23 10 Jun 2012

Chances are the 250GB(?)hard disk has not been fried at the same time. In which case, even if you had to buy a new laptop you can use the old drive with a USB caddy.

  alB 19:10 10 Jun 2012

Bought August 2008 and has been well looked after, good idea rdave13, I'll give Toshiba a ring, as you say, you never know, Thanks again all ...alB

  alB 17:31 11 Jun 2012

Made a couple of phone calls this morning, Toshiba have quoted £470 to fit a new motherboard, rang the local guy who invited me around to his house, he did a couple of quick tests to no avail, left the lappy with him for further investigation, the bad news is the board's shot, he reckons he could replace it and get it running again for £150ish but that's with no guarantee that something else won't go wrong in the future, in fairness to him he has said that it wouldn't be worth it, so it looks like I'm in the market for a new one, now, here's my dilemma, get a new laptop or finally go for an iPad ...alB

  SparkyJack 17:50 11 Jun 2012

I guess as I have finding out of late- once the basic machine fails- there is nothing for it but to replace the machine.

The Labour coast and replacement parts[If any are to be had at all] bring the likely cost close to a new machine.

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