help my poor old mum

  SWJ 10:33 03 Mar 2004

my mum has a 700mhz athlon pc with 64K ram and 17gb of the 19gb still left. Running win98 - recently she has experienced lots of shut down problems - the old " windows is shutting down" and then it doesnt. The latest symptom was for the logitech cordless mouse to stop working ( keyboard is ok though ??!!) I installed Norton as she had no anti virus - but that did not show up anything... now it will not even get past the start-up screen and mouse cursor - just that bloody cougar on screen - if you cntrl/alt/delete - the program apparently not respsonding is ( i think ) something like msgvr..

The Win98 came pre-installed - so no disks..
- I dont have XP but i do have win 2000 professional - would it worth re-installing this over the top or can anyone suggest any other cures short of carting off to pc man - who seems to have caused this in the first place...

any ideas??

  Jester2K 10:39 03 Mar 2004

remove / reinstall the logitech drivers.

check their website for updated drivers.

  JIM 10:45 03 Mar 2004

Windows OEM preinstall software by most suppliers are in the following directory (folder) C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS

Try a SFC check from The run commmand and if any files are required point it to the above.You can also do a reinstall from the OPTIONS\CABS
if on your system?

  JerryJay 10:46 03 Mar 2004

Maybe some hardware problems. A part of ram faults could cause shut down. CPU overheat (due to poor cooling) could cause shut down.

The CPU is fine to run Win2k. I run it with a P200 laptop. But, 64MB (not 64K) is not enough. You need to upgrade to 128MB (better 256MB) to run smoothly. Check cheap components in click here. Memory is very cheap now.

Win2K is very stable OS, better than XP in my view, but you may not able to run some games because Win2K is not really for home use.

Norton is a great tool, but cause many problems according to some users.

  Gongoozler 10:47 03 Mar 2004

Hi SWJ. There isn't enough information there to be definitive about the cause of the problem, however this page click here covers a lot of msgsrv32 problems, and this one click here covers a lot of Windows 98 shutdown problems. Reformatting and reinstalling any version of Windows will probably cure the problem as long as it isn't caused by a hardware fault and all your drivers and software are compatible with the new operating system.

It is probably better to start by uninstalling, or disabling from startup any software that has been installed recently.

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