Help, my PC is suddenly slow and not usable

  joshb1234 01:19 01 Nov 2014

So one day my PC is working perfectly fine, the next morning I wake up and it is a disaster.

My PC usually take no more than a minute to go from being turned on to me being fully loaded at the desktop. It took me about 15 minutes to get to the log in screen, then another 30 minutes to be able to do anything or load any programs or click anything. If I attempted to click anything, everything would dim and a "Windows has stopped working" box would come up, and ask me to end the process, usually if I wait for a few minutes this goes away, but if I end the process of windows my only option is to either log off or restart.

I am very confused as to what caused this problem and what can be done to resolve it. I have run basic diagnostics and tests and have come to the conclusion that it is not my processor, RAM or graphics card. Once the hour long process of starting up is complete, the only things I can really do on my PC is use Google Chrome, which is limited to 3 or 4 tabs before a crash and on the rare occasion, VLC media player. I can use windows functions but they are very slow.

I have a feeling my power supply may have become damaged or faulted and that maybe my hardware is getting the power it needs to be working correctly? Or whether it is some other problem entirely.

My specs are

AMD 3.9 Ghz quad core processor 8GB Ram, dual channel but only one stick currently in use. Radeon HD 6650 Graphics Card CIT 500W PSU

My pc has been fast and reliable for all tasks and especially games for over a year. I really would love some answers as to why it has suddenly become unusable.

Thank you in advance.

  spuds 09:21 01 Nov 2014

This sort of question seems to be a constant request lately within the forum, so there are many possible answers being suggested. Here's one request from another forum member recently, and worth a read click here

  compumac 10:57 01 Nov 2014


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 01 Nov 2014

Op system?

suddenly become unusable - Malware / virus - corrupt windows files.

Scan for nasties with your antivirus and something like Malwarebtes.

type sfc /scannow in the search box (windows vista 7 8 8.1) and let windows search for and replace missing or corrupt window files.

if this doesn't work then the next thing is to do a system restore to a date before the problem began.

  joshb1234 13:39 01 Nov 2014

I can't see it being Malware/virus as after the problem began I installed and scanned with many different programs to track it down, to no avail. I also cannot system restore as the only point I have is one AFTER the problem started.

I went to turn on my PC this morning to do the sfc/scannow and my PC wouldn't even turn on, or boot up, there was nothing, as if it wasn't even plugged in

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:19 01 Nov 2014

If no sounds of fans or lights etc. then check:-

socket working - fuse in plug - cable pushed in rear of PC PSU - change cable if poss.

after that its likely PSU or motherboard failure.

  wee eddie 14:50 01 Nov 2014

Could this be a failing PSU - Initially producing reduced voltages, before finally throwing in the sponge

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