help!! my pc just turned off and will not start

  1littleduck 16:42 24 Aug 2008

Hi all, Can anyone help..was working on my pc, it just switched off and will not turn on again. no lights ...nothing...

  octal 16:44 24 Aug 2008

New power supply?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 24 Aug 2008

Sounds like power supply unit failed but check the simple things first

fuse in plug
power cable not loose at rear of pc
something else works in mains socket

  iqs 16:46 24 Aug 2008

Could be the PSU that has failed.Must ask some very basic questions,have you checked the fuse in the PC lead,can you use another PC power lead,the extension the lead plugs into ?.

  1littleduck 17:00 24 Aug 2008

Hi all, thanks for that. I have checked the lead and fuse, and all the extension leads are working, and still nothing. the monitor light is still on so power there. hopefully it will be something small as i dont know anything about pc's.

  octal 17:04 24 Aug 2008

It is quite easy to change a power supply in a computer, if you know someone who knows a little about computers they should be able to fit a new one quite easily.

  1littleduck 17:11 24 Aug 2008

Thank you very much... I will take it to a shop tomorrow and tell them i need a new power supply, at least this way they cannot try and tell me i need a new pc, as i cannot afford one..
thanks again for your help. i will let you know if it works tomorrow..

  woodchip 17:19 24 Aug 2008

Before you buy a Power Supply. Try removing the Power Plug from the Hard Drive, only with the mains plug removed. Then see what it does when you press start button, see if you get anything

  woodchip 17:19 24 Aug 2008

PS the power plug on the Hard Drive only goes in one way and as four wires

  1littleduck 15:32 26 Aug 2008

Thank you now works.

  woodchip 16:23 26 Aug 2008

what was it?

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