Help ! My PC just beeps at me !

  Little Davel 11:39 15 Aug 2003

I have a Medion P4 XP 18 months old. I left it on standby lst night and forgot it ! This morning the system is switched on and it just purrs as ussual then beeps alot but nothing on the screen. The Medion manual says that the system goes through the POST check to see if memory, mobo etc is ok and the beeping is an indication of a problem ! Please don't tell me the hard drive has passed away ! YOUR HELP,ADVICE and KIND WORDS are appreciated. What do i do now ?

  Megatyte 11:46 15 Aug 2003

Try disconnecting from power for about 10 seconds.


  Taff36 11:50 15 Aug 2003

Describe the sequence of beeps - number and length will help.

Another tip although I don`t have a medion laptop, when mine gets into hibernation the length of time I press the power up button to restart the computer has a different effect. Try holding the button for about 10 seconds as opposed to a shorter time.

  pookie 11:51 15 Aug 2003

I'm no expert so wait for others to reply.

Same happened to me when i had some upgrades done at shop. i got home and powered up and just got beeps like you say. the problem was that a memory stick and agp card had very slightly dislodged in the car and just had to be pushed back in. it was fine then. have you had your case open recently?


  Little Davel 12:35 15 Aug 2003

Thanks folks I'll look at this later. It is a Medion PC - keep the ideas coming. Appreciated.

  Sharpamatt 17:09 15 Aug 2003

Try Medions Helpline ( even if you purchased from PC World ) The bleeps could be anything from faulty connection to power supply, leaveing on overnight could even cause excess heat and ditach fan from top of CPU

Before phoneing find out ( Or record if possable ) the bleeps they will help in locating problem.

When I had this, with a medion by constantley restarting I could get it to run for a short time. The eventual problem was found to be power supply faulty graphics card, and faulty mem.

  ^wave^ 17:14 15 Aug 2003

dont want to be down with this but lots of beeps usually means mother board has gone

  D-P-R 17:29 15 Aug 2003

What bios is the board using? Once you now that and tell us what beeps you are getting (ie 1 long, 2 short ect or 1 long, 3short ect) we will be able to tell you what the bios beep code mean, but we need to now what bios it is and the exact series of beeps

  Little Davel 10:54 16 Aug 2003

Thanks will report back shortly !

  Little Davel 12:47 17 Aug 2003

Strange or what ? !! I switched on my PC this morning to sort out the answers to your questions and hey presto....the thing works fine !! What happened ? Could the standby mode have affected it ? Bizzare this pc lark ! Thanks for your encouragement folks !

  D-P-R 15:29 17 Aug 2003

Wouldn't have thought so. But for future reference I would get a list of the bios beep codes for your bios so if it happens again you will now what the series of beeps mean. And youre correct pcs can act very Bizzare at time

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