Help My PC has a Virus

  suburban train 00:34 27 Jan 2003

My Pc has a virus im using AVG anti virus system and it says it has found a virus called :

On the AVG it says when it finds a virus it removes it. I have ran AVG for the second time it still comes up with the same virus

Ive done a search in windows to find this but brings up no result, what is the downloader.small and how do i get rid cheers

  powerless 00:38 27 Jan 2003

click here and read.

  Cordy13 00:43 27 Jan 2003

Where did you get it from?

  suburban train 00:46 27 Jan 2003

Im not sure where this virus had come from it may have been on my machine for a while as i have just got hold of this AVG anti virus program.

I dont look at dodgy sites just the net for email and Uni work

Any ideas?

  Cordy13 00:57 27 Jan 2003

You might have to disable System Restore in order to clean it out. That means losing all your restore points.

  suburban train 01:03 27 Jan 2003

How would i disable System Restore? Im not to bothered about losing my restore points as i back all my data on to disc.

When i disable System Restore how would i then remove this virus?

Would it be easier just to purchase Norton anti virus to remove it?

Thanks for your help

  Cordy13 01:06 27 Jan 2003

I've never had to disable SR, but it has been detailed on the Forum and I'm sure that someone will give you the (no doubt simple) instructions!

  leo49 01:24 27 Jan 2003

Look under System Restore in your Help Index for instructions to disable if you're on XP. On ME go Control Panel/System/Performance/File System/Troubleshooting to disable. Windows will reboot and flush the virus along with the cache of backup files. Run Avg as a doublecheck then re-enable System Restore. Job done.

  « Ravin » 02:54 27 Jan 2003

right click my computer and click properties and go to the system restore tab in win xp.

  Lozzy 03:26 27 Jan 2003

Be careful the virus is not in your backups as well.. Do a virus scan on the media (Floppy disk or CD) where you data is to be sure.. As you do not want to reinstall the virus..

  Cordy13 11:18 27 Jan 2003

Actually, I believe that this is a Trojan.

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