Help, my pc has dief

  acceptmyname 01:44 21 Dec 2009

Hi I have recently installed a new 750watt psu and gtx260 graphics card, my problem began when I was playing MW2 tonight, my computer made a beep then my monito said no signal, I then turned my computer off and back on again, at this point my computer started up but just hung at the screen that tells me what my motherboard is, again I turned it off and again same thing, I did this 3 times with the same result but after the 3rd time I got nothing, I took the side if my pcso as I could see what was happening, The fans all work I.E the fans on my PSU, my cooler fan on my processor and the 3inch fan on the back, but apart from that I get nothing.

I am now praying this is my PSU which I will just take back, any advice at all greatly apprciatted.

  mrwoowoo 03:55 21 Dec 2009

Check that your graphics card is seated properly first.

  acceptmyname 07:32 21 Dec 2009

Thanks for replying mr woohoo, I will check the graphics card but it would seem odd as I have been playing my computer fine since Thursday when I installed it.

  acceptmyname 07:47 21 Dec 2009

The more I think about this the more I think maybe graphics card, further developments, before I left for work this morning I tried the pc again this time I was back it hanging on the boot up screen same as last night.

  dropshort1 12:12 21 Dec 2009

Hi, the best way forward is to put your system back to square one i.e. before you intslled the new graphics card, remember to removed the cards software before you go back to your previous settings. If system works ok, investigate the compatibility of the new card and its software to your system.

  acceptmyname 12:35 21 Dec 2009

ok thanks for the replies, I niow has my system back up and running, I took mr woohoo advice (you seem to help me alot dude thanks) and checked all the connection on my graphics card and I also unplugged my new printer (only installed yesterday)my system has now started up fine, could my priter be the problem?

I should mention that when I installed my new graphics card i did thin wow that is gonna be tight in there, Not the card itself but the 2 PCI-E connection that go to it from my power suppply, the actual plugs are right up against the side of my case so when i put the side back on it is a very tight fit< i personally( Hopefully) think that this is what the problem was.

Again thanks to all who replied, Oh Dropshot your suggestion was definalty next I actually had my old grapics card out alredy to be reinstalled just incase

  mrwoowoo 15:30 21 Dec 2009

I actually have the same card as well as the same very tight fit.
The card lays over a SATA port so won't quite sit tight down to the board. As a result i can't get the plastic clip in place to hold the card secure. Fortunately it's in just enough so as not to cause any problems. And at least i can do the securing screw up that holds it to the back plate.
Only 1 in 3 ATX cases are big enough to take these cards so we struck lucky. (O;! ( with a bit of jigging about)
Thanks for the feedback. Glad it's ok as i know how annoying it is when we can't play our games.
Happy gaming.

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