help! my pc hangs..

  ana_girl 13:36 22 Nov 2005

whenever i play online games my pc hangs..sometimes every 2 using xp with pentium4.what could be the problem?

  MichelleC 16:57 22 Nov 2005

Could be a number of things. If it's hardware it may be your sound and graphics is not up to the games. Try turning off any non-vital background progs. Also go to device manager (right-click My Computer for System Properties, then Hardware), go to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, open and right click drives, adavanced, and check box for Transfer Mode to DMA if available. Also go to System Properties/Advanced/Performance Options and click 'change' and change your paging for each drive to twice ram amount, ie; if ram is 256 then at least double it.

  Diemmess 18:18 22 Nov 2005

You are using probably the most RAM intensive applications there are. Unless you have at least 1Gb then it may be time to fit some more.

  ana_girl 18:45 22 Nov 2005

let me try those out.tnx =)

  QuickHare 21:35 22 Nov 2005

As MichelleC rightly states, the problem can have many causes.

First off, there is memory. A game needs to store things about the world you enter in your game. What do the walls look like? What is the layout? What happens when you reach a certain point? What sounds are played? etc. I have seen many games pause when new information gets loaded. Think of it like remembering names. When you move on to a new set of people, you have to stop and think...

Second, the network you are on might be slow. In order to communicate to the other players (and a central server somewhere), the game needs to push information across the network. This is like a car through rush hour. A small pinch-point where the data slows down can cause your game to lock up as it waits for more information about your cohorts and enemies.

Thirdly, there may be a problem on your computer alone where something isn't quite right. Maybe the graphics don't work. Maybe the sound isn't right. If the game worked before but not any more, thnk as to what might have changed. An update or a new program or game might have altered something and ruined it.

Forthly, there might be a busy program there. Other programs running may need time to complete, taking speed away fromthe game. A virus checker is a good example, where files being accessed (especially big videos or sounds in games) are being scanned and the computer's attention is diverted more to this vital security task.

I hope this helps you (and anyone else reading out of interest) to understand what type of problems can occur, and it might help you think of a cause and even a possible solution.

  ana_girl 21:56 22 Nov 2005

it freezes all of a sudden.without warning.and all im left to do is to reset the pc.screen is the sounds.

  wee eddie 22:00 22 Nov 2005

Thanks for taking the time.

I think that your explanation may help sort a little glitch I have been having.

  QuickHare 22:25 22 Nov 2005

Hmmm.... That would suggest it was a fault of your own computer.

There is one other thing that can go wrong with a computer running a big, colourful, powerful game. That is temperature.

Inside the computer is a processor. This calculates a lot of things for a game to work. Or a program. In fact, almost everything your computer does must run through the processor. This can generate heat, just like talking quickly creates sound or flashing a bulb quicker makes it look statically on, making more light.

If the computer gets too hot, things start to cook. Literally. Things melt all over the place or burn out. As a safety feature, motherboards (the board housing the processor) contains thermometers and constantly measure the temperature. When things get too hot, the motherboard will take action to stop overheating.

One such method is to freeze the computer, either until it cools down or indefinately. To combat this, you can lower the temperature in the house or check the fans are working, not clogged with dust and dirt, and that there is good airflow to these fans both inside and outside (inside the computer may mean opening the case. Get an engineer or a good friend to do it for you, and not when the computer is in warranty!).

Other problems can involve device conflicts, where two pieces of equipment are sharing a resource, like two people trying to use the same pen. A fight is possible, and that is what computers can have. Although generally these conflicts only occur when a new thing is plugged into it, or if something has been reset. A skilled friend can check Device Manager to help this.

Finally, memory. Again. Yes, these little chips of numbers store everything current in your game, Windows, and everything else running. It is shared. If the memory becomes broken in some way, then data is lost very quickly. It's like putting cupcakes on a few trays, one being next to a very hungry boy scout... Yup, a hole in your cakes becomes rapid.

You should be able to find somebody or search the net for Memtest, which is a program that rigorously tests your memory chips and checks to see if they are working properly. A copy might be on a recent cover CD for PC Advisor.

  QuickHare 22:42 22 Nov 2005

Cheers for the feedback. I hope the ideas it gave work!

  ana_girl 13:29 23 Nov 2005

Wow! im in awe by your knowledge of pc's.i actually work as tech support for ISPs.but of course pc issues are unsupported.tnx for all the help.i learned so much from all of you

i am forever grateful =)

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