Help with my new board

  Lazzer 23:34 29 Dec 2003

Hi there, tomorrow im building my new pc i bought an MSI KT600 Delta motherboard on the advice in the store it was a good board because they didnt have a Soltek SL75/MRN, which they lied about but i couldent tell them they had a board they said they didnt have, also i was fooled into the price it cos me 95 pounds and i know now i can get it a lot cheaper etc etc, but im going to give it a go, BUT it hasnt come with a drivers disk (cd) and im wanting to know if i need to bother with it as im going to install Windows XP with SP1 and dont know if it will automatically find the drivers also im interested in knowing if there is somewhere i can get the cell centre software from without having to travel the 30 odd miles back to the store for more grief from the annoying assistant, also if anyone has this board is it actually any good..? ive read countless reviews and it seems pretty varied some people swear by and other well want to avoid it like the plague, i know i should have bought a board with nforce 2 bacuse every board with nforce kicks the kt600 all over the floor in every test. so if anyone can give me advice on this board ill be more than happy and will help me decide on taking it back and telling the store manager where to go!, thanks a lot


  hugh-265156 23:43 29 Dec 2003

well the drivers should be available for download no should have been sold to you with the drivers if they are supposed to be included in the box.

if it was me i would take it back and ask nicely for a replacement that comes with all the correct driver cds in the box or get your money back.

cannot comment about the board itself.

  woodchip 23:45 29 Dec 2003

Download your DRIVERS click here

  fishermangeoff 00:05 30 Dec 2003

i have an msi board and i have had no problems to date,also they offer good support and live bios flashing if should have got it cheaper though

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