Help my HDD become a slave

  beef38 21:56 01 May 2003

OK i am installing a new 30 gig maxtor hdd and i wanna slave my old one (80 gig summit or other) off of it so i have xp on the 30 gig. This is mainly cos i am always screwing up my install and have got to the point where i cant keep formatting 80gigs of mp3s etc. So how can i do this please. I am a noob to this modding stuff so could someone please give me a kind guide. Thanks guys hope you can help.

  JINXED02 22:05 01 May 2003

Install your hardrive on the same cable as the as your original drive only set the jumper settings at the rear of the drive to slave and keep the initial drive set at master, and away you go.

  Switcher 22:08 01 May 2003

Set the jumpers on the 80GB to Slave.

Set the jumpers on the 30GB to Master.

Go in to the bios and make sure that All IDE devices are set to AUTO.

Install the operating system to the 30GB and that's it.

  hillybilly 01:31 02 May 2003

Switcher is right, but you might also have to re register winXP with microsoft. I believe reinstalling on a new drive is considered a major hardware change and if thats so you must re-register within 28 days! Or else I think it will just shutdown.

  DieSse 01:48 02 May 2003

A reinstallation will definately need a reactivation (30 days is the timeframe) - but it will be no problem. Don't do it until your system is up, running and settled in.

If you haven't yet bought the drive, I would strongly urge you to get another 80Gb - then keep a clone of the main drive on the slave. This makes backing up, etc, as easy as falling off a log.

As well as installing XP on the new drive, you will also have to re-install software and drivers and XP updates.

If your current drive has less than 30Gb on it at present, and your setup is running well - then it may be easier to clone your whole system onto the new drive, then copy all your MP3s/etc back to the slave.

  MartinT-B 11:23 02 May 2003

I use Cable Select, not Master/slave settings.

Bios as Auto, as stated above. The Master HDD at one end of the IDE cable, Slave in Middle, Other end in board. PC does the rest.

Make sure that BIOS is set to boot from HDD 0 and not HDD 1

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