HELP!! my display has gone loopy!!

  willymagic 19:57 01 Feb 2006

hi can anyone please help me, i turned my computer on first thing this morning and im getting weird black lines all over my screen from start up, i can still click on the internet etc. but the screen has blocks of black lines all over, take a look here to see what i mean.. click here i have tried system restore but still no joy, it is driving me crazy, if anyone has any idea how i could fix this then that would be great!

many thanks. will

  stalion 19:58 01 Feb 2006

try re-seating your graphics card incase it's worked loose

  willymagic 20:43 01 Feb 2006

many thanks stalion.. will try that now. cheers

  Mytob 23:27 01 Feb 2006

my mom has been getting the same prob with a rm laptop. a restart seems to cure the prob but it ocasionaly comes back again. what causes it i have no idea and would be nice to no!

  willymagic 07:52 02 Feb 2006

hey thanks for that, nice to know im not the only one! restart doesnt seem to cure it for me though as it stays the same! :( cheers

  Mytob 20:16 03 Feb 2006

u got a spare crp monitor or can u get hold of one for a time m8? if so try with that and see what happens. if its a lcd they arent that reliable at the moment dew to it still being relativly new technology. you only get 1 year garantee from the leading manifacturesr so it jus shows dont it! :)

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