Help-My computer will only "boot-up" from the disc

  ianeon 19:40 27 Jul 2006

Good morning - Last week I ran the procedure as laid down by click here - which is basically running - "Windows Memory Diagnostic" - Now tonight when I switch on my computer as the boot up sequence starts this diagostic tests starts and keeps going, and keeps going and of course my computer never fully boots up. That when I have to use the disc. I have tried system restore, looked for the prog( MTINST.EXE) in my registry etc. But I can't find it. I am a complete novice as for as the "boot up" part of my computer is concerned so I would love some help with this problem - I am using XP Pro with SP2. - Thank you for your time - Ian

  alan227 19:57 27 Jul 2006

A few questions that need aswering.
Did you run the test from a floppy disk or a CD-rom.
And did you change the boot order in the bios.

  skidzy 19:58 27 Jul 2006

Can you boot into safe mode,normally tapping f8 on startup will get you into safe mode,and select Last known good Configuration...this may work for you.

  SantasLittleHelper 20:07 27 Jul 2006

Hi, try downloading this program click here, copy and paste link, boot into safe mode, or any way you can get the comp to boot, and load it from there. This program allows you to control which programs run at start up, you will find the program icon in "Control Panel", look for the problem program and remove the tick from it, then reboot.

  ianeon 21:35 27 Jul 2006

Thank you - I ran the test from a "floppy" - I didn't change the boot order in the bios( wouldn't know how to ) - "Last known good configeration" doesn't work cos I can't boot into safe mode as this prog starts as soon as I start to boot up and F8 has no affect.

  woodchip 21:41 27 Jul 2006

Can you get into Safe Mode by tapping F8 as the computer starts the Safe Mode top of the list. When in Safe Mode go to Start\Run Type MSCONFIG go to Startup Tab top right on box, look for the program in the list and remove the tick You will then Have to restart your computer. When it starts a box will pop up put a tick in the little box bottom left before you close the box

  ianeon 22:17 27 Jul 2006

SantsLittleHelper - Thank you - That Mike Linn prog did some good - I have made progress.

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