Help with MS Word required

  Rubz 12:45 20 Jan 2005

when i load up ms word the side ruler on the left handside dissapears when i minimise and then when i maximise - i have tried reinstalling it but still no luck - help plz

  1514 12:58 20 Jan 2005

Tick or untick "RULER" in "View"

  scotty 13:03 20 Jan 2005

Just tried it and I get the same thing! Restore brings it back and then you can change view to full screen and it remains.

Very strange! Never noticed this before but then I rarely use ruler.

  scotty 13:05 20 Jan 2005

Further messing about shows that the ruler disappears when you minimise from restore too. Again changing to full screen brings it back.

  Rubz 13:09 20 Jan 2005

how do i solve this strange problem?

  scotty 13:14 20 Jan 2005

Don't minimise the window? Instead, use the Show Desktop icon or use Alt + Tab to switch between different programs.

  Rubz 13:16 20 Jan 2005

very helpful (Sarcastic Tone)...

  buscrew 13:24 20 Jan 2005

In the bottem left hand corner of the screen there are four little icons representing the layout of the screen you are viewing. Select the third from the left "Print Layout View", you will then see the ruler. I always use this view as it's wysiwyg.

  scotty 13:32 20 Jan 2005

Wierd - I went to check I was using Print Layout View (I was) and now I cannot recreate the problem. All I did was close down Word and then re-open it.

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