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  Clive of India 19:58 10 Feb 2018

Hi Can anyone help me please, I'm using Firefox 58.0.2 with Windows 10 64bit. If I bookmark a site I'm presented with the option of saving the site into a folder of my choice or simply leave it to be saved under "Other Bookmark" which is how it worked by default. I can still save to a folder if I select one but it won't save to "Other Bookmarks". If I look in "Recently Bookmarked" I can see the site which I have just saved so bookmarks must be working. How can I get Firefox to save by default to "Other Bookmarks"?

This problem has only come about since the latest update to Firefox 58.0.2

Thanks once again to anyone who can help


  wiganken2 18:21 11 Feb 2018

Try Refreshing Firefox? But read about the effects this will have first. See click here

  wiganken2 18:28 12 Feb 2018

I also assume that you have the "Other Bookmarks" folder expanded and not collapsed?

  difarn 18:32 12 Feb 2018

When you click on the bookmarks icon and onto bookmarks on the list, do you get "show all bookmarks" at the bottom of the populated list? On mine, using Windows 7, this then takes me to the library where "other bookmarks" appears.

  Clive of India 14:19 13 Feb 2018

Hi Guys

Thanks for for taking the time to reply it's much appriciated, first off wiganken2 yes I do have "Other Bookmarks" folder expanded, in fact I can see a complete list of folders I have created for different subjects, then following on after the folders is a list of "Other Bookmarks" which I have saved in the past.

difarn, the "Show All Bookmarks" appears at the top of the populated list. I'm ok using computers but when things go wrong with them that's me finished, I'll explain what I can see. if I click "Bookmarks" which appears next to tabs like File, Edit, View, History and then Bookmarks, I'm presented with a drop down list of all my folders followed by all the ones which are saved as "Other Bookmarks" which is what use to happen by default if I did not select a folder.

I have now deleted Firefox 58.0.2 and downloaded Firefox Quantum 59.0b8 but I still have the same problem, I can save to any of the folders but it just wont save to the default one (Other Bookmarks.

Is there anything else I can try and if so would you mind explaining how can do it, I'm afraid I'm from the era when the nearest thing you could get to a calculator was a slide rule :)

Thanks again

  difarn 15:03 13 Feb 2018

Have you tried clicking on the books icon to the right of the star in the URL box the star that you click on to create a bookmark? You then click on bookmarks,t hen at the bottom on 'show all bookmarks'. A list is then populated and to the right any new, saved, bookmarks that have not gone straight to a folder.

You say that you have installed Quantum 59.0b8. This is a beta version of firefox usually called the Developers Edition.

click here too remember slide rules from my grammar school days.


  Clive of India 16:07 13 Feb 2018

Hi difarn Sounds as though we may be from around the same era, I hope you have a greater understanding of computers than me, I’m hopeless with them :)

To be truthful I went onto the Mozilla website thinking I was downloading the version which I’d just deleted being 58.0.2 and when I’d finished I realised it was Mozilla Quantum 59.b08. You say it’s a Beta version, a daft question I know but does it make a difference I’m afraid beta doesn’t mean anything to me, in fact I just thought it was the latest update, should I uninstall it and try and put the 58.0.2 back on?

If I click the star at the right of where you type the web address in (I assume that’s the URL box?) I’m presented with a popup menu which says Edit This Bookmark in the same menu it has a Name: box, a Folder: box and then a Tags: box. There is a downwards pointing arrow to the right of both the Folder box and the Tags box. I just wish there was some way I could show you a picture of what I can see but I don’t think this site has facilities to do that. Thanks again Clive

  difarn 20:02 13 Feb 2018

I would be inclined to reinstall 58.0.2.

If you go a bit further to the right of the star you will see an icon of four books. Click on that icon and a menu appears. Click on bookmarks, a list is populated of recent bookmarks. At the bottom of that list you will see "Show all bookmarks". Click on that and it leads to "library". There you will see "other bookmarks" and any folders you may have made. To the right of that you will see bookmarks that will not have been put into folders. You can drag these individually into any folders that you have made. I can see what you mean when you click on the star. If you do tag the bookmark then you will find them in the list I have mentioned above. You can also search for individual folders or items in the search box at the top of the library page.

Is this what you are looking for?

Where you type web addresses is the URL bar.

  wiganken2 21:52 13 Feb 2018

Have you tried deleting your Firefox Profile so that Firefox is forced to recreate a new one? The profile is located at C:\Users(Your Username)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\YourProfile.default. Before you do this check out the consequences.

  Clive of India 19:17 14 Feb 2018

Thanks for trying to sort me out fellas, I’ve uninstalled Firefox Quantum 59.0b8 Beta as difarn suggested and reinstalled Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 and at long last it seems to be saving to the default Other Bookmarks, but I still haven’t a clue what was wrong with it. I didn’t even know what Beta was all about but have since discovered its to do with new programs or software which has been released for people to try out to see if any problems develop so they can be sorted before the official release.

Ok back to the Other Bookmarks, the only difference I can see now is the fact when I use to click Bookmarks on the toolbar, I was presented with a List of folders and if I hovered the mouse over the arrow at the bottom of the list the page would roll up showing more folders and following on after them was a list of Other Bookmarks.

Now just above the list of folders is Other Bookmarks, if I point to it with the mouse a menu flies out to the side showing the list of Other Bookmarks, so both folders and Other Bookmarks appear side by side rather than following on down the list, maybe this is how the new Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 works, I can live with that.

I don’t know if either of you can answer this one for me, if I sign into a site I get a pop up window saying “Would you like Firefox to save this login for (whatever the website is) below the message is the word Save, Don’t Save and there is also an arrow which when clicked says Never Save. If I click Never Save the next time I go to sign into the same website I’m asked the same question again, is there any way of disabling this pop up window from appearing with the same question?

  Bris 20:03 14 Feb 2018

Try options>privacy & security>forms & passwords and untick "remember logins & passwords".

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