Help with moving games to new HDD

  PiggyPlayz 17:50 16 Feb 2018


I recently got a new hdd (D:) and i would like to keep all my games on there, while having all my programs on my C: hdd. I moved most my games through the steam library and it says they are on drive D but i noticed that there are many folders still on my drive C: related to games such as in Appdata and my documents. Are these nescessary for my games to run and if yes how can I also move them to drive D along with my other games without losing my progress in my games or breaking them (cuz i know u cant copy and paste games). So what i want to achive is that lets say my C: drive failes, and pretend windows still works, then i can still run all my games just from my D drive without having to restart. Is this possible and if yes how? Another question is how do i move non steam games and game launchers. The games and launchers i want to move are: Games: LoL, Paragon, Hearthstone, Minecraft. Launchers: Steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic games launcher and Thanks for your time

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