Help with mouse please

  liloldlady 09:56 09 May 2011

Hi I am using a Microsoft wireless optical mouse 3000, on a laptop running Vista home. All of a sudden it is not working, I mean that the arrow is still working in as much as it moves around the page but when I click on a link, any link, it wont work, I have to then do it from the Laptop instead, I have put in a new battery so it can't be that....Any ideas please...Thanks Val

  johndrew 11:39 09 May 2011

Have a look at this and follow the instructions for re-synchronising the mouse to the receiver and that the USB port being used is functioning correctly.

If this fails come back with what you found and we'll try again.

  johndrew 11:40 09 May 2011

Would help if I posted the link!!!! link text

  woodchip 12:18 09 May 2011

Go to Device Manager and Then go to Human interface Device, Uninstall HID then restart PC for them to be Reinstalled you Can use the Keyboard to shut down. Windows Key then arrow key Shift to choose Restart then press enter key

  liloldlady 08:46 10 May 2011

Hi, Woodchip and John, I have tried both of your suggestions but the mouse still wont work. Anything else we can try?

  johndrew 18:51 10 May 2011

It is beginning to sound as if the mouse may have died. Have been out today so let me think overnight.

  johndrew 19:00 10 May 2011

Meanwhile have a look at these and see if any give a clue link text link text

  chub_tor 19:03 10 May 2011

Have all the mouse buttons stopped working or is it just the left click one. For example if you use the right click button on the desktop do you get a drop down menu?

  woodchip 19:33 10 May 2011

Faulty mouse, if still under warranty, take it back.

  liloldlady 08:50 11 May 2011

Hi, Yes right clicking brings up a menu, and red lights are on underneath the mouse, I have held down the tiny connect button underneath and it makes the red light glow more....Johndrew hope you didn't lose any sleep over this...

  johndrew 09:52 11 May 2011

Slept well, thanks!!

As woodchip says and I suspected, the right button working indicates the left has failed. Could be one of several things have failed but it isn't repairable. Sorry, new mouse.

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