Help Mouse keeps moving across screen

  Ged D 11:09 14 Nov 2004

When I goto click on somthing my mouse pointer will shoot across the screen like it has a mind of its own , I have tried 2 differant Anti virus's about 4 spyware programs and formatted my machine but it still happens,Can anyone help.

Thanks Ged

  Cuddles 11:36 14 Nov 2004

Do you have a conventional mouse, if you do turn it over remove the ball and clean the rollers, this may help.

  mikef. 12:28 14 Nov 2004

Mine did that just before it died, if Cuddles suggestion does not work it could be on it's last legs

  Kalb 12:56 14 Nov 2004

What sort of rodent....if its wireless try changing the batteries

  Ged D 14:53 14 Nov 2004

No what happens is when i go to move my mouse over somthing to click it will shoot of to one side or when Igo to move the mouse to the left it will go in another direction it's not a mouse with a ball or wireless.

thanks ged

  Graham ® 15:03 14 Nov 2004

Do a search on the PC for 'crazy mouse'.

  Ged D 18:12 14 Nov 2004

Tried the search but to no joy (crazy mouse)

Thanks Ged

  €dstowe 18:28 14 Nov 2004

Do you have a graphics pad?

If so, check where the stylus (pen) is. If you leave the stylus near or resting on the pad it can cause a mouse to do crazy things. Answer? Move it.

  Ged D 18:30 14 Nov 2004

No I dont have a grphics pad but thanks anyway

  Graham ® 19:29 14 Nov 2004

It could be a worn cable, usually where it enters the mouse. Try waggling it.

  Ged D 20:08 14 Nov 2004

I dont think it is because it is fairly new,but thanks anyway Ged

Is there any virus's that causes symtoms like this or do you think its hardware trouble

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