Help with Motherboard option...

  atppkr 00:06 05 Jun 2010

Hi All,

I have just bought a second hand HTPC but it not got a hdmi connection or optical digital output so i think i need to change the motherboard which has these connections...

Spec is currently...

AMD Athlon X2 64Bit 4200+ 2.2GHz
2GB Memory
nVidia GeForce 8600 GT

Any ideas of what motherboard i can get which is compatiable with the procssor? As i am only using this for streaming and music, i think the processor is good enough...

Any help appreciated...???

  cap46 04:05 05 Jun 2010

Hi atppkr
I built my own desktop pc a few months ago so i know a little bit about motherboards.
I have found that Gigabyte or Asus are good manufacturers.(i have a gigabyte motherboard)So i'll stick with them while i try to explain what your looking for,without getting to confusing.
You have an AMD Athlon CPU so your looking for a motherboard that has a socket AM2 or AM2+ for your or are good retailers online for finding the motherboard your looking for and are resnably priced. You didn't give the specifications of your RAM though? As all new motherboards either have DDR2 or DDR3 RAM,so you'll most probably have to upgrade this as well!
Also alot of the motherboards do not come with onboard graphics cards,so you could be looking for one of these as well! and if you want HDMI you want a graphics card that has an HDMI socket as well as a monitor socket. I have 2 RADEON HD4670 cards installed on mine,the HD means high definition. Hope this helps cap42

  cap46 04:14 05 Jun 2010

Try the link to this motherboard it's priced at £44.98 not bad price click here

  atppkr 07:39 05 Jun 2010

Cap, some really good advice there mate thanks.

I do have a few questions though.

The motherboard you have suggested, am I wrong in saying this has not got inboard graphics? If not would the graphics card you have suggested fit my needs?

If I do get the graphics card, will I then have two hdmi connections?

Again, thanks for your help with this as this is my first stab at doing this.

  atppkr 07:41 05 Jun 2010

Also is this board windows 7 compat? I have an upgrade to w7.

  cap46 10:56 05 Jun 2010

Hi atppkr
Yes your right in saying it doesn't have onboard graphics so you will need to buy a seperate graphics card the graphics cards i have are very hard to get hold of now as didn't buy them through novatech, if you go to there homepage down the left hand side is a list of all pc components you can scan through graphics ATI or graphics NVIDIA click on the thumbnail pictures which should then show you the graphics cards close up. So you will be able to see if they come with an HDMI Port as well. I have yet to see a graphics card with more than 1 HDMI Port, (only the newer type which have 2 cards built into them so that you can fit them into one pci express slot on the mother board)But these are way to expensive £500 !!!!! Check out PC advisors magazine in the back pages they have a list of graphics cards with reviews as well good place to start ! If you are thinking of getting 2 cards then that gigabyte motherboard would not be compatible you'll have to look for one with 2 slots ok mate?

  atppkr 11:06 05 Jun 2010

Cap. Spot on mate. Has the motherboard got a undo connection though? Will only need one one the graphics card and certainly not paying 500 big ones!!

Also is mobo compat with w7?

Thanks for your help mate. I know it can be a little tedious with a newbie.

  cap46 11:11 05 Jun 2010

Also Yes it is compatible with windows 7 as it is not down to the motherboard wether it can run windows 7 Microsoft recomend that as long as you have at least 2GBTS of RAM and a CPU that has a speed of more than 1GHTZ then it will run windows 7 I've got windows 7 ultimate 64Bit installed on mine But there again i have 8Gbts of Ram and an AMD Phenom quad core 3.2Ghtz (i decided when i built my own system that i would go the full hog and built a "high end" gaming desktop pc) Was a lot of fun and very interesting to do. Cheaper as well mine cost about £400 to build but it's worth at least a grand on the market!!!!!

  atppkr 11:14 05 Jun 2010


what do you think of this??

click here

and the mobo you suggested?

Then just need to make sure these actually fit in my case. Don't think that would be an issue though.

  atppkr 11:16 05 Jun 2010

Sounds like a nice machine mate. I'm liking the peaks and troughs of adding bits and bobs. Once I get my feet off the ground I'll build a beast too!!

  atppkr 11:32 05 Jun 2010

Try this

click here

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