Help with motherboard alternative please

  peaceful-warrior 14:37 08 Feb 2010

Hey guys,

I need a replacement motherboard, but it appears mine is discontinued :-( Could anyone reccommend an alternative? Would be much appreciated. my current board is a Foxconn Diego S Motherboard.



  keef66 16:00 08 Feb 2010

click here

This is a socket 775 ATX board like yours. Same Realtek ALC 888S sound chip as your dead one, should take your procesor and memory.

  OTT_B 16:01 08 Feb 2010

Looks like it's a micro ATX, LGA775.

Can you confirm the processor that you have in your PC?

  OTT_B 16:03 08 Feb 2010

The Packard Bell website seems to refer to it as being both ATX and micro ATX form might need to open the case and measure the board to get a definitive answer as to which it is.

  peaceful-warrior 16:15 08 Feb 2010

Appreciate your comments there guys, I opened the box and its approx 21 x 21cm, so guessing a micro ATX board, the processor is Intel core 2 quad Q6600. Hope this helps

  GaT7 16:48 08 Feb 2010

The Diego S Motherboard click here with dimensions of 24.4cm x 24.4cm, which is the standard for most mATX boards.

Do you have a preference for 2 or 4 RAM slots? The latter will allow you to install more RAM.

If 2: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L click here / CPU support list at click here / Dimensions: 24.4cm x 19.4cm

If 4: ASUS P5QL-VM EPU click here / CPU support list at click here / Dimensions: 24.4cm x 22.4cm


  keef66 17:06 08 Feb 2010

click here

If you were wanting the same nForce chipset, otherwise go for the cheaper option linked by Crossbow7

  peaceful-warrior 18:31 08 Feb 2010

Would like to thank those who helped, much appreciated. I have ordered the GIgabyte Board, many good reviews. No doubt i will be back on asking away as have never installed a new motherboard. Is it straight forward, wont lose any data on my hard drive? Hope not :-)

  GaT7 21:18 08 Feb 2010

"Is it straight forward, wont lose any data on my hard drive?"

If you went for keef66's Gigabyte suggestion, with the same chipset, then you may get away with a simple swap & reinstall of some drivers. In other words, no data loss.

With either of my suggestions, you'll most likely need to reinstall the OS afresh. However, you'll only know for sure when you swap the boards & boot it up for the first time.

Please be aware that if you need to reinstall the OS afresh, prior to doing this, you'll have to connect your drive to another PC/Laptop & backup your data, emails, etc. G

  peaceful-warrior 22:35 08 Feb 2010

Cheers Crossbow, looks like an OS reinstall. Got my hands on Windows 7, would you recommend a fresh install of this or my recovery Vista recovery disks. Guess I would rather have Windows 7, I have an Intel core 2 quad Q6600 with 4gb ram, am i better off with Windows 7 x86 or x64. Not too sure tbh.


  keef66 11:17 09 Feb 2010

I'd go with a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit.

As Crossbow7 says, you should back up all your files to another pc first.

Or simpler still, buy a new hard drive and install on that, then hook up the old one to retrieve your stuff. Once you're happy you have recovered all you need, format the old disk and use it for backups. Safer still, buy an enclosure for it and turn it into an external drive.

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