help with monitor / pc dvi / analogue connection

  jarani 14:21 31 Dec 2004

i need help with connecting dvi-d and d-sub monitor to dvi-i and d-sub pc please

i have 2 cables - dvi-d 24 pin and d-sub 15 pin

i want to use both digital and analogue broadcast and other facilities to best advantage , do i connect both cables or dvi-d or d-sub alone

the pc is medion 8383 and the monitor is iiyama e431s , i know that this may be the least of my problems but i need to start somewhere

  AndySD 14:40 31 Dec 2004

Just the DVI

  jarani 19:24 31 Dec 2004

AndySD - thank you for the prompt response - I thought that DVI-D cable will only transmit Digital signals - I also need to transmit analogue signals for which you need either DVI-I cable - both Digital and analogue signals - which is not available at my monitor or perhaps both cables ---- is there any harm in connecting both cables ? I have tried to read up on this but failed to understand it properly - the handbooks on both the pc and the monitor fail to guide you on this point -- jarani

  AndySD 09:20 01 Jan 2005

If there is a dvi connection on the pc then use this to connect to the monitor. To take it to its simplist the PC produces digital information, the graphics card then sends this straight to the monitor via DVI or the card converts it to analogue then sends it via that cable. As any signals to the monitor are going through the graphics card you only need the one cable. There are two connectors on the back of the card so you not only have the choice (some monitors disappointingly have only the analogue connection) but you can use the second connection to attach a second monitor.

  jarani 12:40 01 Jan 2005

AndySD - thank you for the most helpful comments - DVI-D it will be - jarani

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