Help with monitor

  Femme 13:07 31 Oct 2006

I just got a new monitor
Is there anyway you can shut it off other than going behind it hunting for a almost invisible button
This is for when you are not using it

  anskyber 13:10 31 Oct 2006

Which make and model do you have? When you say shut it off presumably you mean the power supply to it once windows has shut down and the screen goes blank.

  Femme 13:41 31 Oct 2006

I just want to shut it off when im not online
I wondered if its possible to shut it off via a short cut or something rather than flipping monitor around and searching for the button
My pc stays on its on cable thx

  Gongoozler 14:40 31 Oct 2006

Most monitors can only be fully powered off by switching off at the wall socket, other than that they are on stand-by in which state the power taken is very low, but still significant - hence the current pressure to switch all such appliances off at the power source to conserve energy.
The standby state is initiated by removing the signal source. This happens when the computer shuts down, but can also happen when the keyboard or mouse isn't used for a period of time.

Go to Control Panel - Power Options - Power Schemes - Turn off monitor after ---- minutes.

  Femme 14:58 31 Oct 2006

sounds great
many thanks

  Femme 14:58 31 Oct 2006

sounds great
many thanks

  Gongoozler 15:01 31 Oct 2006

A bit of what I wrote above was rubbish! Monitors often have a power switch at the front which completely removes the power, its just that I never use mine and so forgot about it. I turn my whole system off at the wall!

You mat find one of these utilities useful

click here
click here

  bruno 15:13 31 Oct 2006

My flat screen monitor has an on/off switch next to the green light on the front.It is an Acer not an LG so yours might be different.

  woodchip 15:25 31 Oct 2006

You could just pull the Plug for the Monitor it should not do any harm.It's only Disc Drives that you have to power down

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