Help with Misco problem

  sconedd 13:33 22 Oct 2008

A friend of mine purchased a laptop from Misco for her daughter on the 16th September, she tried it and had the blue screen of death. After numerous attempts, there was still no joy. She rang Misco on the 17th of September and every day thereafter, with no joy. This has been going on for over a month, and she is still getting no joy. Can the forum advise what she should do next, because she feels as if she is getting fobbed off, which i thought was unusual for Misco. All advice woould be welcome. Regards Sconedd.

  iscanut 13:49 22 Oct 2008

If purchased with a credit card, contact the card provider. Or write to Misco telling them that you propose to instigate action via the Small Claims Court. Also consider Trading Standards office. What was the result of the phone calls? Did your friend manage to speak with anyone or were calls not answered ?

  ambra4 13:55 22 Oct 2008

Having used Misco for many years it is very unusual that you are having a problem, what

department is your friend daughter calling let her try a difference department and ask to

speak to the manager

List of departments and contacts numbers

click here

  Pineman100 18:02 22 Oct 2008

I agree with ambra4 that this sounds unusual for Misco. They're a reputable company.

I also agree with Nuts' suggestion. If phoning doesn't work, I would write a letter to their managing director, ensuring that you quote their invoice number and the computer's serial number. State that the computer is clearly "not of merchantable quality" (use that phrase) and that you are giving them 14 days to rectify the problem, otherwise you will seek redress through the Small Claims Court.

I would also talk to your credit card company (if you used one), and tell them what's happened.

  sconedd 19:41 22 Oct 2008

Thank you Nuts, ambra4 and Pineman100 for your advice. She paid with her Visa card, which is unfortunate. The computer is an Acer, she also got in touch with them, but they did not want to know (her words. Thanks again. Sconedd

  Woolwell 19:55 22 Oct 2008

There is something odd about this as I have found Misco to be very helpful. Has she e-mailed them?

I assume that you mean a Visa debit card.

  sconedd 23:43 22 Oct 2008

Hi Woolwell, I'm sorry I've taken so long to answer. I think it was a Visa debit card, and as I said in my opening mail, I found it difficult to believe that Misco would treat her like that. She did say that she had emailed them, that's where she got the phone numbers to dial the proper department, but as she said she was on the phone for ages today, and then she was passed to other departments. Thank you for your answer, I hope I have clarified the situation. Regards Sconedd.

  woodchip 00:00 23 Oct 2008

debit card is no good it as to be a Credit Card. She could use the not of merchantable quality under Consumer Protection Law this way you do not have to pay anything. click here

  sconedd 00:26 23 Oct 2008

Thanks woodchip, Pineman100 mentioned that in his reply. I have found her nearest Trading Standard Division, I shall mention that to her. I think she is getting frustrated and fed up, she even said to me that she might forget it. I have told her under no circumstances does she give in. It could happen again to somebody else. I will let the forum know the outcome of this matter. Thanks once again. Sconedd.

  sconedd 14:37 28 Oct 2008

Update on Misco problem, my friend got compensation and a new laptop from Misco, after a lot of phoning, and arguing with different people she was being put through to. Problem solved. Thanks to all concerned with your advice. I will tick as resolved. Sconedd.

  Pineman100 18:42 29 Oct 2008

Tick as resolved?

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