Help with migrating from OE to Outlook

  six-h 21:33 23 Aug 2008

I've asked this before, and still not successful!
I want to use Outlook as my mail handler, but though I've managed to establish contact with my pop3 server, I'm totally unable to import my OE e-mails backup.
The Outlook "help" seems to presume that all PC's running "Windows" have Outlook Express, which mine doesn't.
How can I do it??

  Sea Urchin 21:47 23 Aug 2008

This shows you how - scroll to the section where OE and Outlook are on different PCs

click here

  six-h 22:01 23 Aug 2008

which appears in the "Help" files.
Having opted to follow instructions for OE and Outlook being on different computers, when you reach instruction No 7, this is the text: -

"On the computer where Outlook is installed, open Outlook Express. If prompted to create an e-mail account, click Cancel."

...but I don't have Outlook Express!!!

What to do?

  VoG II 22:04 23 Aug 2008

Are you sure you don't have OE? Start > Run > enter


and click OK.

  six-h 22:10 23 Aug 2008

I don't have the computer that ran OE any more, it's a cinder!
What I do have, is a back-up from a couple of days before it's demise, and also the HDD from it.
I've just been exploring the drive, and think I've found all the actual OE .dbx folders.
There are 8 of them, named: -
Deleted items.dbx
Sent Items.dbx

I just don't know what to do with them!!

  six-h 22:14 23 Aug 2008

which I assume is the successor to OE, but not sure what to do next!
Maybe my last posting will give some clue?

  six-h 22:20 23 Aug 2008

under my thread "PCA Wants to install an Add-on".
as I'm also still struggling with PSE 5!

  Woolwell 22:49 23 Aug 2008

Just wonder what happens if you put all of the dbx files in a folder on the new Vista machine.
The open Outlook and go to File Import - Import Internet mail and addresses - choose Outlook Express - make sure that the box for mail is checked and then browse to the folder with the dbx files.

By the way which version of Outlook are you running?

You may have to get the files into Windows Mail and then move them to Outlook.

  six-h 22:58 23 Aug 2008

I'm running Outlook 2007.

<<You may have to get the files into Windows Mail and then move them to Outlook.>>

Yes, that seems to be the way MS help seems to want to do it, I'm just surprised that they don't mention "Outlook Express/Windows Mail", rather than just OE.

Don't want to end up confusing my nice new system!!

  six-h 16:45 24 Aug 2008

as a stop along the way to importing them ultimately into Outlook,that too has failed, saying that "the chosen directory is not empty"

of course it's not!! that's where my old messages are, the whole point of the exercise! Grrrr.

  Woolwell 17:03 24 Aug 2008

See importing form outlook express click here

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